January 21, 2010

everybody knows.

It's amazing. Everyone knows. Everyone. What about? I don't think I'm silly enough to disclose. It's (ironically) to a certain extent flattering, yet at the same time, it sort of makes me a little bit sick. And tired. And I am not complaining. Promise.

Day 3 of trying my hardest to quit but. Milk (still) makes me sleepy. I slept the moment I arrived at the office today. And I slept early last night. So, it's not because of bedtime.

Everyday is passing by me in a sluggish pace. Is it like this for everyone come New Year? Maybe.

I've never stuck earphones in my ears for this long. Or this often. It's as if I get swamped in my own little world the moment the music is on. Which is good because then, I get to concentrate the fullest. Even if is blasting. It's better than listening to a neighbour's conversation in a language which I cannot make head and tail of. Plus, this makes up for all those times I should have gone for walks or jogs, but can't because I arrive home too late for that. And much too late for everything else as well really.

3 6 5 is due for service. That would be a good reason for me to take some time off, no? Yes. My consolation to all of this is that my pay will be in come Monday. But I have learnt my lesson. I will not take out bulks of money and think that I still have money in my account. 

This year, I must be frugal. To be frugal, I can only go to malls once in a blue moon, to get things I need. Want is out of the question. I will ask my mom for a gadget for my birthday this year, though. Or maybe a few gadgets. You know what they are obviously. Right? But other than that, I must sit tight, and sew my pockets shut.

Lebih baik tak payah baca dari tadi sebab this post has no motif pon. It's only 10.30. And I'm already quite exhausted.

Mungkin satu lagi kalau perasaan ini tak hilang nanti petang. Bai.


tasha said...

oh yess!! gaji masuk monday! how can i forget? hehe

yayahafiza said...

did u know that, yesterday morning i took 2cups of milk (kononnye nk tmbh calcium la).... however it turned into a nightmare to me as it successfully drag me to lullaby world!!! puas la tahan mata.... Alhamdulillah, mampu bertahan smpai balek... haha.... balek umah,930 dh tdo....huhu

freespirited12 said...

tasha: yeayness kan! gaji nak masuk, i'm soooo happy!

aera: 2 cups is a recipe for disaster i tell you. one is enough to make me go gila sleepy! so, i'm just glad i' drinking milk cukup! hehe