January 27, 2010

8 documents.

Okay, finally some time off. I spent the entire morning and afternoon in my boss' room again because we are trying to beat the deadline to submit a piece of work. I have come to understand bit by bit what the assignment is all about and it doesn't feel so bad after all :). Good for me! And  thank goodness for self-motivation and lots of prayers!

Thanks for the kind and comforting words too, regarding my frustrations with working life. I guess we'll all go through it sooner or later. No matter how much we love our jobs, right? Kalau tak, saya kira anda kurang normal. That's my personal opinion anyways.

Well, anyways. I don't know why I forgot to write about this good news yesterday though I saved this image with the intention to, but I guess it's never too late to be a proud "Old Girl"! I am so happy that we are listed as Top 20 as it has been quite some time since we last appeared in the papers. I'm sure this has something to do with the outstanding performance of our little Form Four sisters there (which includes my sister, chewwwah, nak jugak bangga adik sendiri tu) because they did really, really well for their PMR.

I just submitted 8 documents this morning, which will determine my future, so I'm happy about that alright!

Other than that, I am pining for Theodore, whose sitting idly at home, waiting for some love. I am finding it hard to be a tourist in my own country. I think it's difficult to appreciate the Blue Putrajaya Bridge or the Lakeclub or PICC for the matter, though they are so close to me, simply because I see them all every.single.day. Talk about taking things for granted.

The only subjects which I love (and love to be) photographed are my friends (THANK GOD!), if not, I would have lost all reason to keep Theodore.

I've also decided against buying more gadgets, taking heed of the advice of people who tell me that the money could be put to better use (which excludes my dad because he is in the opinion that I am entitled to do whatever I want with my money since I earned it but that's besides the point).

Back to work. Let's hope tonight will be earlier than 8 p.m. I seriously need a jog. Ada berita tak dari Captain futsal?


zhmt said...

oh shoots. kita bawah SDAR & MC ke?
ayoyo. but still, clap clap :)

p/s: kak,hows the transition so far? (milk-coffee) :D

freespirited12 said...

lynn! yang pasal SDAR tu, i was kind of expecting it. tapi yang MCKK tu... macam musykil. but nevermind, statistics are still statistics and i'm sure there's more room to improves :)

about the milk-coffee transition, will write about it soon ;)

freespirited12 said...

hahaha. improves is a typo.