January 06, 2010

got milk?

Hello, milkdrinkers all across the globe! Have you had your fair share of calcium any time today?

I did. I had half a glass of milk this morning and I hated it. I don't know about you, but I don't like milk. I'm not sure when this began or how, but I just never really fancied it. The family doctor-to-be, Ya, tells Kakak Neesa to get proper intake of calcium, even if it comes from cheese. But I don't eat much of that either. I am not really a milk lover. So, I really am in trouble with a capital T.

Which is weird considering the amount of milk purchased for my household (which is banyak and makes everyone at Tesco wonder why all of us are not very big). Siap pernah ada orang remark tanya if kami buat business. Oh, tidak. Okay, allright, you get the picture.

I have tried many many times to drink milk, but unless I mix it with coffee or milo... drinking it on its own is certainly out of the question. And before you think I like being in this state of dislike, I don't. I am very worried, being the health freak that I am.

Someone tell me where can I get yummy tasting milk like the ones the milkman delivers at doorsteps in the UK or like those sold at Coles. Because that's the only kind of milk I drink because it tastes so different. As in a good kind of different.

I know I sound spoilt but I'm beginning to get cramps and I don't want them cramps! Where can I get yummy tasting fresh milk pronto?


yayahafiza said...

kakak.... u can try fresh milk from 'good day'.... i love the taste (just to let u know, i'm in the same shoes as yours, i drink milk when only it's in other flavor).... somehow, after i tried that 'brand' of milk, i feel i like it.... it taste different :D

p/s: anyway would pay me for promoting this to u?hehehe

abduls said...

dei. cramp sebab iodine tak cukup la. gi makan a lot of sea food.

freespirited12 said...

aera: really? dia ada jual kat mana-mana aje ke? I should go and try. And sorry, no fees for advertisments unless you ask from Good Day. hehehe

Abdul: makan udang nanti hidung gatal. plus i don't like ketam that much. tinggal ikan je nak makan. heh

Fiza Pushie said...

anlene kotak kecik tu sedap. and plus, volume-wise it's not a lot anyway so you can finish it in no time. and since one kotak has all the calcium that you need in a day, you only have to drink it once!

susah2 sangat, beli calcium supplement je! heheheh

freespirited12 said...

Pushie: I heard that Anlene tak sedap! My arwah nenek hated it! Hehe. But since it's small, I think I will give it a try some day (when I am brave enough, that is). Thanks for suggesting!

tmc said...

haha..kakak, this statement bakal tidak membantu, but - OMG, i sooooo lurrrrve susu coles, BIG M, pura and segala jenis susu di melbourne!!

freespirited12 said...

ahhhahaha. timmc! that seriously DID NOT help at all okay! Itu baru Coles punya brand pun dah sedap gila yang lain lagi la! wuwuwuwuw!

tasha said...

yg anlene kotak kecik2 tu sdap but it's too sweet. mcm terlebih rasa vanilla. right now i'm drinking Marigold HL. Owh, you should try Marigold HL with oats. sedaapp!!

susu dutch lady tak sedap diminum begitu sahaja. if dgn koko krunch okla :)

yayahafiza said...

kakak.... susu good day ade je kt supermarket mana2.... :D

tmc said...

haha..my girlfriend pernah buat plan nak bring back the lembu's in aussie sbb susu and dairy stuff sedap sgt dan frust sbb msia tak dpt the same thing..

org bawak balik koala souvenirs etc, she wanted to bring back a real live lembu O_o

but, now im wishing she did..hehe

freespirited12 said...

tasha: marigold HL? sounds familiar. rupanya banyak susu kat kedai. tu la asyik tgk dutch lady. what you said is true: dia mmg sedap makan with cereal saja because on it's own, it's bland.

aera: i will definitely go and visit the kedai and try!

tmc: if dia beli lembu aussie, kakak pon nak tumpang sekaki ;p

zhmt said...

KAK, I second tash. I used to hate the aftertaste of any milk, until i found marigold HL. just the right milk for me. and yes, the ones with oats, lagi yummy. terasa mcm minum ice-cream vanilla.

freespirited12 said...

Lynn, you too? Wah tak sangka ramai orang ada problem with milk. I will try all that has been recommended! thanks! :)

though bunyi oats and vanilla tu sangat tempting at this point in time, hehe

abduls said...

patut la size sepesen je semua. takut minum susu.


Fiza Pushie said...

I tried marigold with oats yesterday. sedap!

I used to love marigold HL, but then I don't favor it anymore. Maybe because I found my creme caramel tasted weird when I used marigold HL to make it. After that I cannot take marigold HL anymore.

Lesson learned: don't use marigold HL in cooking!