January 12, 2010


Now, this is why I knew that coming back to Malaysia was a big mistake. Big mistake, I tell you.

While I was in Australia, I was allowed to live in my own bliss. My own sweet ignorance. I was allowed to eat as much as I want, sleep as much as I want, and again, be as ignorant as I pleased.

Now that I'm back. I have to upkeep with current affairs, which, by the looks of it are not pretty at all.

Since I'm a lawyer by profession, I get alot of legal questions about this that and everywhat.

Some of them I can answer, but some, I just can't. It's either I don't understand what the issue is, or I prefer to reserve my comments.

And when I don't really understand the issue, I tell the person outright of my lack of understanding. It's easier to come clean rather than coming up with some (wrongly interpreted) opinion which someone will quote in the future.

Thus, my advice is that: If you don't really understand the usage of the word "Allah" in the Herald issue, please stop commenting on it.

If you are working for the Government, be careful of your words because everything you say and do is taken to be a reflection of the Government's aspirations. Even if you say it in a private realm.

If you are a student, keep it low because there is probably a long way for you to go before you are accorded some kind of immunity for saying whatever you want. Stop spamming other people's walls. Stop publishing provocative status updates just to prove you are brave. Just stop. 

If you understand the issue, you may opine, but subject to your confidence of being able to control the masses to whom you mete out your opinion. Because believe me, if your statements cause uproars, it would be so much more difficult to take back or amend that opinion you so confidently said in the beginning.

Cleaning up a mess after an unplanned party is always more difficult to do as opposed to a well-planned one, yes?

So, think. Think about the consequences. Think about what it would be like for our parents worrying about us going to and from work, for fear of riots or bombing. Think about our fathers who pray at the mosque each morning. Think of our friends praying in churches. Think of their families and children. Think about Palestine and how they became what they are today. Think about Malaysia and the investors who are now backing away. Think about the fear that is lurking in each and every of our hearts. Think of organisations like mine; where there are people of various races, religion and colour and how we have managed to get along well with each other without a grain of force.


Think of how difficult it would be when the pieces don't fit anymore. We have worked so hard to maintain peace for the past 52 years, so why the itch to recreate another May 13th?


Unless you really know you can keep everything under control.

Which obviously you can't. Which I obviously can't as well.