January 25, 2010

a sigh of lega.

Fuh. Lega, lega, lega.

That is all I can say. Lega because my immediate boss is on leave. Probably sick leave. I pity her, but that means I'm allowed more time to complete this task I got, which I haven't gotten around completing yet.

Lega because the Bigger Boss is also on sick leave and that means the meeting today is postponed and that means we can buy more time to complete the Report.

I am totally lega. We had a long Friday evening. I planned on joining si budak-budak sayang for the Jan-Feb birthdays, but I couldn't even attend my own birthday celebration because the meeting went on until 11 p.m. I even brought a change of clothes sebab excited sangat nak pergi join. Oh, well.

Tough luck? Iyeap!

At first, I planned on bringing some work home, but I just couldn't stand the sight of work anymore. I was just exhausted, I guess.

So, here I am. Feeling so relieved. It helps that our pay is already in today! Happy gila!

I am looking for an answer. And everyone has been giving obvious answers. I normally don't see obvious answers because I like to dig into the matter and make it more complicated than it really is. But this time around, I have a feeling that... it really isn't as obvious as it is. Surely. If not, I am positive that people would have gotten it right.

I feel like dancing to this particular tune. But it's our secret song. You would have to wait to hear it.

My heart is so full.

And I know this is random.But I am still lega nonetheless.


Caffeine Addict said...

oh dear, your birthday!!!!
damn, forgot bout that, really really realllllllyyyyy sooorrrryyyy..... !!!!!!

freespirited12 said...

haha. not yet la ayu! it's next month :)

tapi my friends buat 2 month punya sekali :)