January 11, 2010


I was really, really trying to quell my urge to update this morning but I cannot help myself.

Having attended one of my good friend's wedding last night, I feel like I am floating on cloud nine and dreaming like nobody's business. It was truly a night to remember. Imagine what she must be feeling.

We were in absolute awe as we walked into the hall yesterday. We were greeted by regal looking portraits of the bride and groom at the entrance and was even more in awe as we saw the grand pink dais. It was amazing. Truly amazing.

Everything was just so remarkably beautiful and we couldn't stop saying time and time again how positively glowing the bride was looking! Donned in white, she looked like a princess in her own right. As she gracefully walked the isle yesterday, we knew that this must be the more happier if not the happiest moments in her life.

All night, we were entertained by a talented quartet who sang love songs effortlessly. We found ourselves singing along soon after. I was blessed with a great bunch of people at my table. Of course, we were quite possessive about who we wanted there, but hey, it's our good friend's wedding, we're allowed to have fun now, aren't we?

To make things even more amazing, the bride was surprised by her family with Anuar Zain! Imagine that! On the night of AJL! We were awestruck, obviously. And the bride started crying because she was so touched. Of course Anuar Zain rocked big time!

my most favourite people in the world who make my life amazing. much

All night, I had fun at my table with my amazing friends. We took so many photos together and I praise Allah for blessing me with so many wonderful people in my life.

Yesterday made me realise that sometimes, fairytales do still exist. You just have to work hard to find them.


pengantin star struck said...

i am SOOOOOOO touched and honoured with this entry!! u tulis jadi macam best je...exaggerate ke ni?? hehe. but i swear, i pun sebak gila masa jumpa u all after nikah tu. i dont know whether u girls realized it or not. i LOVE u and the girls so much i would NEVER EVER get another set of friends macam ni lagi. thank u so much not just for coming to my wedding but for your existence in my life. jom plan jaja's do. :)

freespirited12 said...

aha! the bride has finally spoken. we did have a lot of fun that night. i think our table was the noisiest! everything was so cantik, and you too! cantik sangat berglowing-glowing tak ingat dunia.

we love you too! and of course we realised that you sebak, but happy days should stay happy! nanti tegus jadi crying session pulak.

we will gossip mossip soon k :)

and again, we love you!