December 02, 2008

second time around. i am officially done.

1st December was my second convo. Since it was the second for me, it didn’t feel as exhilarating and as emotional as before. It was great because my parents came and all of my good friends were also there. Since it was my second, I wasn’t so skema anymore and ended up eating while waiting for our turn. And Hadi conveniently (walaupun I actually would not have been able to finish the hashbrown and mega sausage mcmuffin without him) munched on my food while I was doing the same. Thihihi.


And we went hopping from house to house. Adlin-Mami-Mine just so we could join the dinner that night at Chillis. The crowd was disappointing. In fact, the organizer himself did not show up. Oh, well. But it was all in great fun anyways. We were laughing hard, gossiping even harder, passing food round the table like nobody’s business. Asking for refills of drinks and tortilla like crazy. I’m sure we were really high by the end of the night.

I’m still tending to my “hangover” (la sangat)


abduls said...

nampak gumuk...

-id is rewar-

Iezu said...

how come bats is no where to be seen?

freespirited12 said...

abduls: saya pon rasa agak mokmok sikit.

dean: we took pics with her, it's in my camera somewhere. but then, we all didn't hang out for long. dah panas maaa!