December 02, 2008

all i see.

This morning I heard the news on Mix.Fm. It was about the Smiley in the Sky. Yesterday, when we were heading back home after dinner, I saw it in the sky. I thought my imagination was pulling tricks on me. Apparently not. I am so happy to be part of history.

There was this time last week when I thought of clouds and wondered if all those tortoises, knights and flowers I saw in the clouds were just my imagination.

Kids can see so much more than we can perasan tak?

Because when we were kids, we always saw things in the clouds, we always saw everyone as a friend, we always imagined friends who weren’t really there.

I realize now that I can no longer see anything in the clouds anymore. I try so hard sometimes but I still cannot see what I saw 20 years before.

Is it because we are trying too hard now, that we can no longer see what we want to see?

Now, this is all I see.


Hanim Hani said...

kakak, kamu sgt pandai tangakap gambar ok? mcm expert gilerr!=)

freespirited12 said...

hhehhe. saya budak masih belaja :)
but thanks! i'm so happy to hear that.

credits to Amed :)