December 02, 2008

masjid orang lain.

Last week’s news was also a tad bit traumatising. And also disappointing because we’ve heard about it so many times before. Only this time, it hit quite close to home. I believe that the only people who can break a woman are other women. It’s as if your best friend and you best enemy is vested in the same person. I believe that young women can’t help it if they are young, carefree, and energetic. I believe that’s who most of us really are.

I believe that we also cannot help wanting to try on new clothes and putting on some make-up to make us look pretty. We cannot help but to want better things in life; more money, better car, better job, and better everything. We cannot help it that we want adventure; that we have so much drive we can’t contain. Trust me; I’m a young adult as well. I know there are certain things we just can’t help.

Because being young makes us that way. Being young simply makes us want-able and probably more loveable and probably also a lot more refreshing than our mothers could possibly be.

But thereare things which we can help. We can help by not flirting with someone else’s husband. We can help by striving harder and praying harder that our luck and rezeki becomes better. We can help by dating people our own age and working our ways up the ladder together. We can help by RESPECTING those older than us no matter how boring they seem, or how saggy they are or how utterly unpretty they may seem to their husbands.

Robohkan masjib orang tu seronok sangat ke agaknya?

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