December 10, 2008

because Melaka is just Melaka.

If you knew me well enough, you’d probably know that I have this unfathomable love for Melaka. Not only did my love story begin there, but Melaka in itself has so much to offer. Initially, there were major screw ups in plans (on my part, obviously) but I’m glad everything went well. We met good friends, ate good food, laughed at our own jokes, made a statement (as you will most probably see in the pictures I will upload), laughed some more, ate more good food and basically, you can see that I am lost for words when it comes to Melaka because Melaka is just Melaka, no other description needed.

I finally get to continue my Tiga Jay Series (Jonker, Jiki And Jalan-Jalan) so yeay for me! The only thing I’ve missed is probably the infamous KueyTeowJiki, because we ran out of time and (tummy) space, so that means, I’m probably going back there pretty soon.

Thank you to all those who made my weekend one of the most exciting and interesting ones yet! Congrats to Lissa on her marriage and all the best! And to the both of you (not Lissa and her hubby), I hope you work things out (I know you know who you are). We all love you! Tak tipu, okay darlings :). Jangan sedih sedih lagi oaky :)

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