July 03, 2011

jum jalan lagi

(I actually wrote this on Friday)

Phew! Finally some time to breathe.

These past few days have been SO hectic!

I have missed blogging dearly. Hello, whoever out there who has been, is and just started reading. Sorry to disappoint but it has become increasingly difficult to update due to many reasons.

But all has been well and it's all coming to an end now.

(Hopefully this coming weekend will be just as exciting as the last.)

Last weekend was balik Melaka week. I drove (alone!!!) to Melaka after work because husband went earlier to attend to some work there and boyyyyy, driving alone is so boring! I was so, so sleepy, you have no idea, I'm telling you. The fact that it was night time didn't help at all. But I've got to say that I surprise myself a lil'. Thought I wouldn't be able to make it.

I've always loved Melaka for many reasons. And one of them, most definitely... is the FOOD! Uhuh! I SUPER LOVE THE FOOD THERE! In fact, once upon a time (not too long) ago, I imposed on my husband (then boyfriend) this "Tiga J rule" where we had to go to Jonker, Jiki and Jalan-jalan every time I got the chance to go to Melaka.

But... now that we're married, of course we (read: more like ME) have to behave more and stay at home with the in-laws when we are in Melaka. Lest they think that my parents haven't taught me well. Heehee.

But... having said that, my husband does spoil me a lil' and even though we didn't get to go for our Tiga J activities, he brought me out to Jonker and alot of Jalan-jalan in Melaka town. We had a really good time walking here there and everywhere and dancing to the "Beca Beats". Syiok gila!

I didn't enjoy one part of the whole day though (which was actually no one's fault but mine). I made this mistake of wearing heels (albeit only tiny ones) and walked as if I was invincible and guess what? That's a no-brainer there, I think? I ended up with blisters, of course!

My husband didn't help at all and kept teasing me. Every time we had to cross the road, he would tell me to "RUN!" Macam mana nak lari if kaki sakit laaa???!!! So, I told him that I wanted to buy a pair of "Crocs bohong" which was met with much objection of course. Turns out that I didn't need to look for "Crocs Bohong" at all because got myself a better bargain ;)

Anyways, when we were in Jonker, we went to Jonker 88 (where else) and to my huge disappointment, the Baba Laksa was GONE! Every single drop of it! For crying out loud, it was only 6.30 p.m. We even thought we were early. Haih. Better luck next time I guess. Ended up eating the Assam Laksa, which was not bad at all, just wasn't what I really wanted.

I've got to say though, due to all the hype they're getting, their quality has somewhat... declined (???). I thought that their cendol was too runny. Not at all how I remember it to be. Hmm.

Well, here are some photos of last weekend anyways.

Sukanya dapat ice cream goreng! We've been looking for it for the past 6 months!
Double chin. Quadruple cheeks. Haih.
Assam Laksa and the DILUTED cendol. Sigh.

Oh, and now that we can no longer do out Tiga J activities, I've decided to call it Jum Jalan Lagi instead. Sounds just as good, don't you think ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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