July 19, 2011


Last Wednesday, I brought my mom out for her 50th Birthday Treat as promised.

I promised her that I would get her a new shirt. In fact, I sort of imposed on her that I would only buy her a birthday present she would use/eat.

So, off to M&S we went. Her mind was set. That was the only brand she would consider.

At M&S, Mama picked out 4 shirts. I picked a blouse that I liked for her to try. As I sat in the fitting room, Mama kept telling me not to look at her "fat". Yes, Mama and her imaginary fat. I just rolled my eyes. If you must know why I rolled my eyes, she's a size 12. Size 12 at 50 after 3 kids? Man...

She also kept telling me how she wished she could buy all the shirts.

So, I told her,

"Why don't you then? It's not that you don't have the money?"

So, she said,

"But I wished I had MORE money!"

To which I replied,

"I wish I had that much to begin with."

So, you see, there are always 2 sides of a coin, both of which are different and equally important. Mama admitted that she never thought of it from that perspective i.e my perspective and I'm guessing that more than half of gainfully employed 50 year olds feel the same as well?

We all wished we had more. And when we have more, we wished we had more than more. But there are others who wish they had just enough. When we have nothing, we would realise that enough was just enough.

And that's just the way of the world.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


yayahafiza said...

my mom pon sama.... Mama kalo nk beli slalu think a lot.... If i want her to have it, i would rather buy it for her.... hehehe....

Haneesa said...


diorang macam fikir panjang sangat. maybe sebab dah biasa save masa muda kot. i also told her that i'll buy the one yang dia suka sbb dia fikir panjang sangat. hehe

yayahafiza said...

btol2... sometimes, i feel 'insaf' for a while when i went out for shopping with her.... u know what i mean :P