July 11, 2011

to good times with good friends.

I was never good at making (or keeping) friends before these people. It’s probably because I enjoy my own company most of the time and think that I can survive being in this world on my own.

But they taught me otherwise. They taught me that you can have good friends whom you can rely on and slip into conversation with even after not meeting up with for eons. That things shouldn’t change just because you start living in different states or in our case… different countries.

And so, two Fridays ago, when our Batul told us that she would be home from Singapore for a while, I couldn’t say no to meeting up with them. Even if it was at The Gardens, on a Friday night, where the traffic would be massive.

But of course, it’s always when you plan a perfect Friday that it doesn’t turn out so perfect. I had to attend some meeting later that evening and FB messaged them telling them of my predicament. They then gave up their table for eight when it looked like only the four of them would show up.

But us two, we came albeit a lil’ late.

And I couldn’t have been more glad that I made an effort to just make it that night.

It was so good. The food was good and the company… the company speaks for itself. It was a celebration of sorts, I must say – for Batul coming home (although just for a short while) and for our dear Din who began working that week.

The poor boy was "robbed" of his money that night and if he has a beef with Alexis now, I wouldn’t be so surprised. His money turned out to be the joke of the night but it was all in jest, of course. All in good fun. In a nutshell, it was just a lovely, lovely night.

With my most favourite people in the world.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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