July 27, 2011

tak menjawab soalan

Adik and I were at the movies last Saturday. Before the movie started, there were trailers of upcoming movies. Then, as one of the trailers were playing, I thought that it looked and sounded all too... familiar.

So, I told Adik that I think it might be Final Destination. Turns out that I was RIGHT! Mana taknya, the first time I saw it was the last ever! Never had any dreams of seeing sequels of people getting dying in the most gruesome manners.

But Adik... Hmmmm. She's a sucker for all "hantu-suspense-action-gory" movies. So brave, I tell you.

So, with an excited tone, she asked me,

"Akak, best tak Final Destination tu?"

I said,

"Scary gile"

"Ye la, tapi best ke tak Adik tanya."

"Geli gile"


I'm sure she thought that I was super blurr (make that dungu) for not answering her question.

Kalau buat peperiksaan mungkin tak cukup markah kerana jawapan tak tepat. No wonder Kertas BM Pemahaman dulu tak pernah score.

Jawapan tak tepat = tak menjawab soalan langsung.

Fail "=.="

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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