July 11, 2011

They grow up so fast

On Sunday, Dinie invited us to Lea’s 2nd birthday party. I still remember attending Dinie’s baby shower a couple of years back and soon after, I remember how tiny we thought Lea was when she was just born. My husband instantly fell in love with the lil’ girl and claimed Lea to be his sweetheart.

So, of course, when our plans for Sunday were reshuffled, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of meeting his (self-proclaimed) girl. I don’t know what is up with my husband but Lea seems to like him since he’s the only non-relative she doesn’t really cry with. To be very honest, it kind of melts my heart :)

And of course, at Dinie’s house, as always, we would normally meet many others with “handbags” i.e. babies of their own. This time, the first baby I saw was Maya. I remember seeing her when she was just about a week old maybe? And the last time I saw Maya was during her aqiqah and even then, I thought of how big that girl has grown.

That cheeky lil’ princess has grown so smart and pretty, so much so that all you want to do is to kiss those cheeks sloppy! She LOVES people! Even gave her Auntie Neesa here a chance to hold her without crying a tear. She loves to roll and at times, it was funny because she looked like a stylish lil’ wig worm in her tutu wiggling backwards on the bed or just about anywhere! And let’s not start at how much she LOVES the camera. That gummy smile is sure to melt anyone’s heart.

Kids these days grow up so fast! Okay, so maybe my statement there isn’t entirely warranted because I wouldn’t know whether or not we grew AS fast, but still. At the sight of DSLR cameras, they automatically smile. At the sight of BBs, they automatically smile. It’s entertaining as it is heartwarming how these innocent babies bask in their oblivion and joy in the simple things we tend to take for granted.

But the highlight of yesterday must be this –

As I was leaving, I said thank you to the hosts and then, I finally came to the birthday girl, Lea. I asked her to “salam Auntie”, which she did (which is a huge milestone where Lea and I are concerned) and I could’ve kissed her a million times for just taking my hand.

But wait, that’s not the best part yet. After she “salam Auntie”, she turned my palm to have a look at my WEDDING RING! It’s not just that innocent “I’m playing with Auntie’s ring” kind of action, no, no, no, no! She let her hand linger on mine for quite some time as if “inspecting” Auntie’s wedding band! So smart, I’m telling you!

Oh, dear baby. Don’t grow up so fast or Helmy (her daddy) is going to have to find her some blings soon because she has gotten so clever.

Happy birthday Lea dearest. You are indeed the rainbow we all need in our lives :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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