July 11, 2011


Sometimes, even when you don’t intend to be a bad friend, you can’t help being one due to the surrounding circumstances. It’s lame to blame circumstances, I know. But when we don’t want to blame ourselves, that’s what we all do.

But realizing and not being ashamed to make up for our mistakes makes us become friends, even if we’re not so good ones. So, a belated “shower” for her it was.

We bulldozed the roads last two Saturdays, even when we hadn’t an inkling of where we were going.

And after many mindless (and not to mention fruitless) arguments with the GPS, we made it to the Mommy-to-Be’s abode, which, if I may add, is LOVELY!

Poor Mommy was just finishing lunch but the rest of us were FAMISHED! So, we mommy-napped her (with her husband’s permission of course) and took her out for some dessert at Empire.

Auntie Batul managed to talk to Baby D (while she was still in the womb) and told Baby D of her “planned schedule”. It was real funny how Batul talked to the tummy and told Baby D, “Auntie Batul will be here until Wednesday okay Baby? My bus is on Wednesday afternoon.” So specific, that we couldn’t help laughing like crazy! AHAHAHAHA

Apparently, Baby D was listening and Auntie Batul’s wish to see her before she went back to Singapore came true. Our dearest Jaja gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 5th July 2011.

Welcome to the world, Baby Dahlia. You have brought joy to our hearts with your presence.

So pretty this Amoi :')

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