July 17, 2011

Thank God!

When TGIF opened in Alamanda, I made a big deal about it. Not so much because I frequent it, but just because it’s Alamanda Putrajaya. And for those who are familiar, you all know that there’s not much of anything in Putrajaya right? So, that was a plus point to attract people to come visit me instead of vice versa.

Last weekend, we decided to give it a go. After all, people are bound to ask us where the exact location is and we had better be in the know. And so we went.

I sat down and ordered my usual. Combo Jack Fajitas. I don’t know why I keep doing that although I already know that I wouldn’t be as satisfied with the Fajitas in TGIF as I would be with Chillis’. But that’s besides the point.

As usual, I also asked the kind waitress to leave behind one menu for me (although I knew that I would be too full to order anything else after my meal. I sound like a walking contradiction now, I know). I perused it a bit and started snapping photos and then, my husband told me that the next time we went, he wanted to order mojitos (it’s either I am quite ignorant that it is a mocktail or I honestly thought that real mojitos are made with alcohol) . I glared back at him and told him not to be silly.

He insisted that the menu said they served non-alcoholic drinks.

So, I perused the menu again and guess what I discovered?

1. They don’t serve any alcoholic beverages. Only mocktails.

2. There aren’t any Jack Daniels meals on the menu. Which means that there is no more issue of the food prepared with alcohol and no alcohol mixing with each other.

3. All over the menu they assure that the meat they use are from a Halal source. The only reason why they couldn’t get the “Halal Certification” is because they serve alcohol in other outlets.

Now, I can really eat tanpa was-was.

I think that must have been part of the Lease Agreement between the Management of Alamanda and TGIF seeing that Putrajaya and it’s surroundings (Bangi, Kajang etc.) are quite “Malay”. However they did it, I’m just glad that I can now eat at TGIF Alamanda without having to have that niggling feeling at the back of my mind, wondering if the chef had accidentally spilled some JD on my steak.

Oh, did I mention that Gardens has also “invaded” Alamanda? I am so ecstatic! (Forgive me if I am actually belated. Haven’t been out that much)

If only the property here were not so expensive, I would have probably bought a house here.

But even if I don’t own a property here, I do stay here, okay folks? So, when can I expect any kind of entourage to make its way to my doorstep? Dessert’s on me! As you would’ve guessed ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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