June 21, 2011

Sunday Perfection

Since we stay in Putrajaya, we hardly go to malls for our dates. After all, the closest to us (apart from Alamanda) is Mines Shopping Mall and we have more or less gone in and out of all of the shops there.

Another reason why we don't go to malls much is because there's really nothing much to look for. So, if we go shopping without a shopping list, it becomes an increasingly difficult task to refrain from buying things we don't need.

But last weekend we had the kenduri arwah. We also planned on going to Melawati on Sunday morning for Nia's aqiqah (but we didn't, we're so sorry!!!) so, of course, it was best to sleep at my parents'.

But after waking up and having some breakfast, I got some snuggle time with Mama and one conversation dragged to another until my husband got bored and by the time we were done gossiping, it was already almost 12.30 p.m.

My husband said that it was superbly kureng of us if we just showed up to eat, so we didn't go to Nia's aqiqah after all. Maafkan kami, maafkan kami, maafkan kami!

Later that afternoon, since we were already in TTDI, we decided to go to The Curve. Yip Yip Yippee! IT HAS BEEN SO LONG! Rasa jakun yang tak terbendung. Heehee.

And since we sort of got some kind of "bonus" on Sunday, we decided to put the money to some good use - FOOD!

Had a tough time choosing what to eat and in the end we chose Gardens for some late lunch.

I already knew that we were going to have chicken for dinner. And I normally order the Carbonara or Lamb Shank, so I thought it was a good idea to order some fish. Well, it was a good idea as the dish as a whole (Grilled Barramundi + mashed potatoes + steamed vege) was delicious!

But... after 2 bites later, I told my husband,

"Encik, saya rasa dia rasa macam ikan siakap."

So, he tried my dish and agreed that it does taste like ikan siakap.


So, out of curiousity, I looked it up because the similarity is just... uncanny.

Well, now, I don't wonder anymore why my dish tasted like ikan siakap.

Barramundi tu nama glamour je!

Say hello:

to Barramundi
 and ikan siakap

And the girl who was seriously "blur" that Barramundi and my good ol' ikan siakap is the same.

i wanted to do a silly pose but accidentally drank that citrus-y drink. ended up looking like this.haha
Sunday at its best! :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Raieza Hanim R said...

Haaaa epp! Itu laaaaa Nia tungguu okayy Aunty Kakak dtg (: Alaa next time datang je even utk makan sahaja pon We wouldnt mind at all! Sbb since the house space is kemut, the morning sessions were actually for orang2 surau dan masjid but of course I wouldnt mind if my friend want to join in too. The more the merrier! Anyway so I thought takkan nak invite like this "ok datang later for food ok" haha
Turned out okay je diorg semua pon memang dtg in noon (: apa laa Aunty Kakak & Uncle Kentang ni. Heheh

But it's okay! (: Nia left me a message for you though: NIA NAK COUSIN CEPAT2 OKAYYY! Heee :D

Haneesa said...

ieja! sorry sangat! kakak mmg dah gosok baju semua nak pergi sangat jumpa nia. siap kaler hijau matchy-matchy dengan uncle kentang dia, dengan harapan Nia dapat doa masuk TKC. hehe.

Saya dah nak pergi tapi Encik Kentang kata macam kureng so kitorang pun segan heehehe..

cakap kat Nia, sabar okay! nanti kalau dah ada cousin auntie kakak kasi tau. pastu Nia sila friend sama dia okey? ;)

Raieza Hanim R said...

it's fine =)
tapi janji next time datang bawak brownies utk baby Nia..! (cewah hahaaa ke mama dia yang nak smenarnye ;p)

btw cool gila nama glamer siakap tu (:

Haneesa said...

hahah, bole bole bole!

and yes, i think nama barramundi tu adalah cool gile :)

Anonymous said...

its been ages since i open your blog.. banyak yg aku terlepas hehe.. from now on i pledge [but x semestinya buat] to follow your blog hehehe

btw - mcm pelik lak to read you refer to someone as "my husband" hehe.. luper ko dah kawin ... :p


Haneesa said...

Punching Bag!

OMG I have missed you!

Of course kau lupa aku kawen. Kau tengok la perangai kawan kau sorang ni. Mcm budak-budak lagi.

Eh, one of these days datang la to our house! Nanti aku buat brownies :)

(gila bribe)


Sila datang dan baca lagi.

Takut nnt kau terlepas "berita penting" pulak. (though mestila you would be one of the first aku SMS kalau apapa :) )