June 12, 2011

why don't they just DO IT?


That's who.

I've been there 3 times now and twice, I went there to get my hair cut.

Both times, I got different Stylists.

The first time I went, it was a girl and she didn't have the heart to cut my hair short because it was my post-wedding hair and you all know how long post-wedding hair can get. So, I totally got her point when she couldn't, just couldn't chop the devil off.

This time, after approximately 2 months since the last time I got my hair done, I went there again. I really like the saloon BCS2 and that deserves a paragraph of its own later. Point is that I went again last week and just wanted a short do. Shorter than what I got before. Nothing else.

To my disappointment, the real nice girl stylist I previously got - Maggie, wasn't around, so I settled for a guy by the name of Ringo. He's really nice too and he entertained my mindless chatter as I got my my hair washed and asked me how I planned on having my hair done.

But when it came for the time for him to actually chop the devil, he became hesitant. He just couldn't do it. He kept telling me to come back next time and maybe then, he'd have the heart to cut my hair short.


If I had it MY WAY, I would have wanted my hair to be like this:

I did ask Ringo to get it done like this but he told me that the only way I could achieve that look is by perming my hair. Same thing that Maggie told me the last time and NO there is nothing or anyone that can convince me to get my hair permed. No sirree.

So, I told him that I wanted my hair to be "collarbone" length.

And he said OK and started chop chopping my hair. Only, after a while, I realised that... well, the longest point of my hair wasn't collarbone length. It was sort of an optic illusion that worked well for people who aren't anal about their hair styles. It just generally had the "collarbone effect" but wasn't really collarbone length, get it? Sigh.

So, I told him that I wanted it shortened. "Like this, like this" I kept showing him the photo of my inspiration.

He got a lil' upset I think and did cut my hair just a tad bit shorter but still refused to give me my medium short hair. He told me that if I wanted to go short, I should consider getting my hair "bobbed", nothing else. Sigh again.

At this point, I just gave up. My usual stylist while I was in Shah Alam refused to give me the Rihanna cut. He gave me "flip hair" instead. Oh, in case you're wondering, "flip hair" means the kind where you can wake up, comb your hair a bit and just flip your hair and you're good to go.

Anyways, back to my "chopping" episode, I just gave up on persuading Ringo that I looked good with short hair and thanked him for being such a nice guy and for cutting my hair nicely and I paid for my "haircut" and left. I still felt good because although I didn't get my desired style, it was still a very good haircut. So, for that, I think that BCS2 deserves this promotion in my blog.

They have a dedicated team. Unlike some shops with Junior Stylists and Senior Stylists, this saloon has Stylist and Assistant Stylist (AS) only. So, the AS handles the hair washing, blowing etc. and the Stylist will cut the hair. Only Stylists will cut your hair and the haircuts they give you are of good quality too. Their staff is friendly and apart from the fact that they refused to shorten my hair, I really was satisfied with their services. And the price? Very, very, very reasonable, I must say.

You see, when you've had long hair for so long, all you want at times is a lil' bit of a change. You want to look younger (not that I think I look so old *denial mode*), you want to look fresher, you want your head to lighten up a bit. You just want a break from that Rapunzel-like existence.

But I also know that short hair isn't that easy to maintain, especially if one's got hair with an attitude like mine. I know that once the hair products and the effects of a good commercial hairdryer wears off, I'd basically have hair that would piss the living daylights out of me.

Oh yes, I've been there before.

first, please don't ask me why i mainly wore BLUE back then. i was probably obsessed with the colour. second, i have no idea why i looked the way i looked in the last photo. HAHAHAHAHA.
So, I guess that I'll just have to be content with long hair until I get into one of my "hairy moods" again and go through another "hairy episode" with either Maggie or Ringo or some other Stylist at BCS2.

In case you were wondering, BCS2 is located at L4-06E(p), The Mines Shopping Mall.

If I told my dad this story, he would have the easiest, most obvious solution, "Kan Allah suruh pakai tudung, tutup aurat"


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