June 02, 2011

autumn breeze.

Waktu terus berlalu, tanpa ku sedari yang ada hanya aku dan kenangan.

Wah, drama.

Most nights, before going to bed, we would talk about Perth. The places we went to and the places we didn't get to visit. The wedding ceremonies are done and there's not much of that that we talk about.

But now that my honeymoon is over, I reminisce it so often and sometimes even tear (happy tears of course) at the memory and now, I feel like I have to start looking for something else to look forward to. Something new. Something worth anticipating. Something exciting. I just don't know what yet.

We had a wonderful time in Perth. Our last day there was rainy and I was so disappointed though not for long. After that short "storm", it was just breeze, breeze and more breeze! It was so much fun taking photos with our hair all over the place. Even wearing our jackets became a challenge! Haha. But we laughed it off and took more silly photos.

It was a tad cold but we went on the Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing Bus anyways. I insisted on sitting under no roof. I let the wind blow in my hair and my face like I had no care in the world.

This time, we went for the whole tour, since we ended our tour at Harbourtown the day before. The tour actually takes us into 2 circles, which forms number eight (8) around the whole City of Perth. At most places we didn't stop but we heard the commentary play and replay again and again and again and times, we even prompted the driver to play the CD properly because we already knew which commentary should be at which part of town. Oh, what a great day that was.

Of course, we already had plans for a picnic and that's why we were so flabbergasted when it rained that morning. I was so thankful that it stopped. After 2 rounds on the bus, we stopped at King's Park.

It was a nice day. Wait. It was a wonderful day. We walked down the small paths, mostly in silence, soaking it all in. Just enjoying the day as it is.

We managed to get a good spot under a tree. We laid our lunch spread on the grass and made ourselves at home. I managed to read many chapters of a book while my husband slept. More breeze came. And... the next thing I know, it started RAINING again.

We scurried like little rabbits and I think we were a funny sight to witness.

After getting dry under a shelter, we decided,

"Let's make full use of the self-timer, now, shall we?"

After all, it's going to be some time before we actually go back there and by the time we do, no one's going to remember us for our silly poses, right? God, I hope I'm right.

And so, we camwhored like no one's business.

About 15 shots later, an elderly couple passed by that path, clapped their hands and told us, "Well Done!" They must have enjoyed reminiscing their younger years just by watching us from afar.

After we were done with that, we waited for our bus and we got on. By then, we were freezing a bit and sat at the lower level. And we continued the tour to Harbourtown (AGAIN).

And this time... we (I mean, I) FINALLY has the mood to shop! Everything looked so nice and cheap and nice and WOW, I just went crazy at the factory outlets, I did last minute souvenir shopping and basically bought ALOT of things.

Guess how many kilos I brought back? Heehee.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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