May 25, 2011

(another) peep show

I took a long time to make this decision.

I don’t know why.

But now that I’ve rationalized matters, I’ve decided that I can do without.

Remember last time I blogged about the perfect shoe? And then, I dreamt and dreamt of a Stuart Weitzman but knew that I could never afford it and well, basically, I love peep toe shoes. I still do love it a lot. And then, wallah.

Sometime end of last year, just about 2 weeks before I got married, I went for some retail therapy. Bought 3 shoes in one row and one of them is this simple (yet gorgeous) pair of shoes.

Told my husband (then fiancé) about it and he asked me what I planned on doing with the wedding shoes he bought me. That really put me on a crossroads sebab orang dah belikan kasut, kau beli kasut lain kenapa? If I were him, I’d be pissed off too.

So, I tried both shoes on and decided that they both looked nice with my nikah attire but in the end I decided on the shoes Encik bought for me.

Since then, I have been peeping every now and then into my Primavera box, wondering when I would be wearing this dainty pair of shoes. Given to the fact that I am a tad bit lasak, I know that wearing white shoes for daily use is never a good idea.

Let’s cut to the chase.

After peeking into the box so many times and still not wearing the shoe, I have decided to let it go. I bought it at RM109.00 and have never worn it (apart from those times I tried them on at home). I’m letting it go for RM80 which I think is a STEAL!!!!

It’s a blank piece of canvas and you can make it more festive by sewing beads of your desired colour (which I initially planned on doing) or add blings or brooches or crystals. The sky is the limit with this shoe and I would be euphoric if you would be so nice to make it part of your special day.

It’s in size 6 and in perfect condition. Tiada cacat cela, tapak masih baru. Tidak kotor and approximately 2 ½ inches, maybe (inches dia I am not very sure)? Tak tinggi sangat and memang sesuai untuk nikah, I think ;)

Even if you don’t want to use it for your upcoming big day, perhaps you are less lasak than I am and you’d like to make it yours? If you like it, then, make it yours today!

Preferably, I’d appreciate COD, but if you want it posted, I’ll see what I can do ;).

PM me at if you are interested okay?

We’ll take it from there.

Kalau takda siapa berminat, nampaknya I was meant to keep it after all?

Haha.But please, don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


cik senah said...

lawanyaa kasut iteww.. warna cantik.. ketinggian tumit kasut pun tak tinggi sangat.. cuma.. sayangnya.. kaki chek saiz 5.. :(

p.s : kalaulah kasut awak saiz 5.. apa2 punn.. cantik sgt lah kasut nie utk awak "let go".. hurmm....saja nak bg awak pikiaq lagi sekali sebelum awak betoi2 yakin utk juai kasut secomey ituu.. :)

Haneesa said...

cik senah, saya telah fikir masak-masak. mmg dia comel pun tapi apakan daya tak tahu dah nak pakai pegi mana.

yayahafiza said...

kakak!!! i never know that u bought that shoes.... is it still available??? i'm not sure either i can fit size 6 or not... but i really interested in this shoes for quite sometimes.... nk beli baru pnye, what i'm doing with the white shoes and with that design kn.... hahaha... tp kalo 2nd hand mcm menarek.... let me check my primavera shoes @home dlu.... my shoes size varies depending on the brand =p next week, i'll text you...

if it's really mine, the shoes will wait for me....hihi... tp kalo ada org laen nk dlu, u just let it go sbb i'm not at home at the moment,k??xleh check my primavera shoes...

Haneesa said...


hahaha. i m not too sure whether still available or not in stores sebab dah beli since akhir tahun last year kan.

and yes, i am wondering what you are doing with this kind of shoe??? hmmm... do you wanna fill me in with new stories??? hmmm..

okei, will be waiting for your text but will let you know kalau ada buyer lain meanwhile.


yayahafiza said...

hahaha.... it was way back early 2010 since the day i was looking for the shoes.... oppss... (it shows that how crazy i am getting into the primavera/shoes isn't it)...

thanks kakak.... will let you know soon :)

tasha said...

that was my nikah's shoes too!! :)

Haneesa said...

tasha: hihih. mmg sesuai kan :)

tasha said...

pakai sekali ja, pastu sorok dalam kotak balik. tatau nak pakai bila dah haha