May 09, 2011

you make me want to say i do.

I’m sure we all have love songs of our own. At least one that transports us back to the first date, first year, first dedicated song, first something. Mine and his is a song which I don’t feel like sharing because I know that (so far) no one shares it with us and for some (selfish) reason, I want to keep it that way.

Naturally, when I was preparing my wedding last year, I wanted that song to be part of my wedding. After much persuasion, I finally managed to persuade my parents that it was an acoustic version of the rock song and yes, it is very romantic, and yes, if I couldn’t have any of my songs played, I would want at least that song to be played. Haha. It was quite dramatic, I must say because I got so emotional when they didn’t want to play that song. Haish.

Anyways, I got things to go my way and I was the happiest girl that day.

But just a couple of months after I got married, I noticed that a lot of other songs were aired on the radio.

Here’s a list of my favourites. There aren’t that many on my list but they are really, really nice (to me at least)

  1. Bruno Mars – Marry You (very cute)
  2. Train – Marry Me (super sweet)
  3. Colbie Caillat – I do (MY FAVOURITE!!!)

And now, I’m thinking, “why didn’t they come out last year???” I won’t ask myself why I got married so early because I love being married (tihihihih). If only my favourite song above was aired earlier, I would have persuaded Babah to let me dance with my husband during my reception. Lagu itu terlalu comel, don’t you think so?

Now that my wedding reception is done and we’ve been married for 4 months, there’s no point wishing for something which cannot be done, right?

So… that means that I’m left only one option, to make myself happier, which is to share them (just in case you're not sure where to download though most people know, I know). Do you want them to be part of you song list? And I've got some other love songs as well (and I particularly love those from the OST of PS I Love You), actually. If you want them, just let me know and I’ll email them to you for free.

"I do" by Colbie Caillat makes me so happy to the point of making me super generous. Ehehe.

On another note, I will post a photo about one of the wedding gifts we received, which makes me deliriously happy, it’s ridiculous.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Hani Johari-Blythe said...

I loveeeee that Colbie's song too =) but since it's too late for me to use it for mine, I'm happy that my sis in law is including it in her song list - too cute!

Haneesa said...

weee! good for her! lagu tu comel comel comel! :)