May 24, 2011

Rumahku Syurgaku.

What is the criteria of a home?

For me personally, it is some place you want to go back to at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because of the house itself or the people in it; bottom line is that you must have a desire to head back to it.

We’ve been staying in the same place since after my Reception. I’ve wanted to go back to that place every day after a long, short, nice or bad day. I love being home. I love staying in it and I want to come back to it every day.

But I’ve got to face the fact that it isn’t mine. We’re paying to stay in it and in time, we’ll be paying more but it still wouldn’t be ours. And we will never get the option to make it ours. And being me, well, I can’t help but become more and more attached to it, despite knowing the fact that it’s not mine.

So, before it becomes more heartbreaking to leave, we have been searching high and low for a place to call our own. Some other place we could call home. For good. Not just for now.

There are many options – which to be honest is surprising. I always thought that there are only a handful of townships, which are worth considering, but really, there are many other beautiful areas, which are totally livable in.

We’re neither eligible for My First Home Scheme nor the Government loan (yet) because we are not confirmed in our posts. There is, at the moment, an undoubtedly huge desire to own our own place. But the biggest problem right now is the undesirable price tags attached to those houses.

Nothing can be bought with a single loan. And even with a joint loan, our finances are stretched to a maximum and we don’t even have kids yet.

And it’s frustrating. More that you can imagine, actually. It’s gotten to a point where we’re both close to giving up but we’re still constantly searching.

It has become a love-hate relationship.

The price of houses has spiked to an unrealistic high. I don’t think we are looking at the wrong places as we have eliminated the more elite areas like TTDI, Damansara, PJ and the likes. The closest to KL that we have even bothered considering is Puchong. And even so, the prices are still… ridiculous.

One of the places which we have also (always) considered is Putrajaya. It’s actually a really nice place to stay in. Yes, I know that it is hujung dunia. Yes, I know that there is no one else here apart from Government Servants. Yes, I know that it’s like a dead town at night.

But there are easy accesses to other places like Seri Kembangan and even Puchong should you decide not to head to Alamanda. The place is quiet at night and the biggest plus point is that traffic (apart from at Parcel C, D, E in the mornings only) is unheard of. It’s totally bliss if you compare it to the madness of KL traffic.

We’ve always considered Putrajaya. But the problem is? The price tag. Again.

I don’t see the point of selling houses in a place with an abundant of Government Servants when the Government Servants themselves can’t afford them. Not with one loan. Not with 2. Perhaps not even with a lifetime of savings (if you ever consider buying those gorgeous houses by the lake at Presint 18).

With that obstacle, we decided that some other areas in the vicinity would we OK. And there have been OK choices, but the closest to cheap that we’ve ever come across is probably RM450K non-negotiable? We can pay for the monthly installments and the downpayment is not something which is totally unsolvable but how on earth are we supposed to survive on our monthly pay.

Yes, our pay may increase in the future and by then, we’ll be fine, but how long more ‘til the future comes?

Some said it’s high time that the Government Servants get a pay rise. I say I agree although some people’s pay rise would be unjustified, seeing that the amount of work they do is actually… NOTHING.

But according to Mama, Government Servants’ pay rise is always indication that the price of everything will rise accordingly. Property not excluded.

And that brings us back to?


So, you see. It is frustrating. I don’t know how else I could express how frustrating it is and how frustrating it’s going to be. It’s just so frustrating. Period.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


nurul said...

salam haneesa!

undeniably, property prices sangat illogical... err maybe affordable to others, not me.

in me & husband's case, we went for apartment as it's cheaper than landed (cos that's just what we can afford now). we chose shah alam eventho it's farrrr from where i work.

sejam setengah starting keluar rumah, drive, switch to LRT, til reaching my desk.. i suppose that's the only minus point i have. else, i love shah alam :)

my point is, have u tried other locations? macam kajang, gombak?

keep on looking dear! good luck!

Haneesa said...

wsalam nurul,

it is illogical kan? some of them mmg priced ridiculously high and banks quote the MarketValue alot lower than what they ask for.

my husband and i are pretty picky about pty and both suka landed pty so that sort of limits our options.

if only i had the same kind of patience that you have, i would stay in shah alam too (i super love it there!)

we have considered bangi, kajang, dengkil and even nilai (tapi nilai jauh betul)but like i said, i guess we're picky pty buyers so, we haven't latched our money somewhere just yet.

thnks for dropping by dear!

we're still on the lookout so we definitely need all the luck we can get :)

papaYA said...

Oh yes, the price is insane. We looked for our so-called dream house for almost a year until we decided to purchase a sub-sale landed property in B.B.Bangi. Not that small, neither it is a big one. Good enough for us.

Everyone dreams of having a big beautiful house. Unfortunately, it doesn't come cheap. But my Ma always said, buy more small properties than just A big one. Therefore, we decided not to combine our loan for a bigger house and now, we're planning to buy our 3rd property.

I hope you find you dream house soon. Jangan lupa solat istikharah supaya keputusan yang diambil mendapat keberkatan Allah :)

Haneesa said...

ms papaya,

my mom also said that it's better to invest in a few small ptys rather than a huge house.

apparently the price of houses last year was not too bad and still could be bought on one loan.

but this year it just shot up and up and up even those who have been working for years and years with savings pun are taken by surprise.

i hope this pty bubble burts and the market will realise that the masses can't afford it at the price they are asking for.

highly exorbitant.

and thank you for your advice. we will continue searching and praying for the best, insyaAllah :)