October 27, 2010

peep show.

Last weekend, I brought Mister to meet with the designer to get his measurements taken. I guess the easier part of being a guy is that your partner will pick out what she wants you to wear and then, you just come for fittings and you’re good to go. Bak kata Mister, “Belah saya, kita datang pastu kite senyum je wak”. Hmm. Very nice. Left everything in his mom’s hands. Hahaha. Nasib la labu.

Since we were there, I showed the designer more or less what I wanted (properly printed picture this time, because the last time we went, he sketched and I agreed saja) and he showed me more or less the kind of material that he will be using. I hope his plan materializes. I hope that despite the short amount of time he’s got to prepare, he’ll do a good job still.

Who is he? As usual, when I see the end product, I will recommend (or not). I’m sure 2 months is not too long a time to wait.

My dressmaker will be making my shoes as well, as it comes as part of the package. And of course, as with most wedding dressmakers, it will be the “normal” looking wedding shoe. Normally, I’m not so big on details and whatnot, so long as I have decent looking shoes.

BUT. Since the wedding will be in hall and everything, I think I have every right to want and be pretty AND comfortable. For one, when I go up to the pelamin, all eyes will be on me and I know that girls, being girls, they’ll check out each other’s shoes.

Girls can never have enough of shoes. Even if they have the tendency to wear the same old comfortable shoes again and again and again. *talking about girls as a third person, as if I’m not one of you* HAHAHA.

Plus, all the shoes I’ve tried in his boutique are ones without the strap at the back. No slingbacks and that worries me a bit (A bit? Who am I joking?! I could trip and fall if the shoe doesn’t fit. tsk)

So, I told my dressmaker, “Can I please have peep toe shoes, please?”. And he told me NO because he says it isn’t suitable for Malay weddings. Ye ke? And since Mister was there as well, and he hates me wearing peep toe shoes because according to him, it makes me look like I only have 3 toes, which in other words makes me cacat, he backed my dressmaker up and told me he didn’t like peep toes as well!

COME ON WHAT’S WRONG WITH PEEP TOES??? I think they look lovely! And very, very, very sexy! And comfortable too, even the super high heeled ones. I’ve always loved peep toe shoes and when I get my hands on a good pair, I keep on wearing it time and time again though the same shoe has made many trips to the cobbler *sigh*.

So, I’m thinking, I’ll just get myself another (spare) pair of shoes for my reception (just in case) because there’s no guarantee that I will like the shoe which my designer will make me. Sebenarnya, mungkin ini alasan untuk beli kasut baru sebab dah lama tak beli. Well, anything will do, so long as I can get my hands on some shoes!

And here are some which I absolutely love!

nice and sweet.

a touch of bling

the colour just POPS!

and this one too!

give your wedding a halloween feel ;)

a girl can DREAM of Stuart Weitzman shoes. Even if she cannot own. WOW
of course, images are courtesy of google.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Pear said...

Stuart Weitzman, I like! :D yes kak, you MUST get yourself a pair of just-in-case shoes. wajib okay. after all, this is a once in a lifetime event. so more excuses to spend extra $$$. hehehe. have fun with the prep darling! :)

tasha said...

i mmg awal2 lagi dah cakap xnak pakai kasut butik because tak comfortable. and yes i cant walk without the strap at the back and so i'm buying myself my wedding shoes. tak salah kak. yg penting puas hati :)

Alia said...

hahaha... i like peep toe shoes jugak!!! yes, they're comel&sexy.... 10000% agree with you kakak.... ok, now only i realize that most of my stilettos are peep toes =p

dira said...

i LOVE peep-toe shoes and i faham if he meant it wouldn't be too suitable for the wedding if u pakai those classic kebaya songket or anything (rasanya mcm the whole ensemble nampak informal). but it's your wedding anyway. so go with your instinct, and an extra emergency pair would ONLY hurt the pocket ;)

abduls said...

nothing is wrong with the shoes, it's the wearer's toes.

get my drift?

Haneesa said...


cantik kan kan kan. esp the one i put in here. macam WHOA! *drools*


I haven't told him yet that i don't wana wear his shoes, plus i don't wana tell my mom because she will tell me membazir orang dah buatkan tapi tak pakai lalalala. aahhahaha


sexy itu seswai sama nama dia. hahaha.


i think most girls loveee x1000 peeptoes because they are comfy and super sexy. macam sexy without the effort. to tell you the truth, kakak tak pernah terfikir about whether or not it will be sesuai with the entire outfit. hmm. now you've given me something to ponder on, thanks!


by that you mean that there is something wrong with my kaki??? sila terima seadanya. sekian harap maklum ;p


I will get a just in case pair of shoes. wedding or not ;p. Was just looking for a "stronger" reason to splurge on yummy shoes heheheh

Raieza Hanim R said...

Kak, same thing happened to me last time. Wanted to buy peep toe shoes but Hubster said NO, NOT NICE. Period.

Wahh :(

and I ended up wearing the tajam looking shoes during my nikah and trust me, I don't think thats flattering enough. Peep toe shoes is the one to go :) make it as your just in case shoes. Everyone needs one, Pear is right :)


good luck! couldnt wait to attend YOURR BIG DAYY =)

Helinomics said...
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Helinomics said...

wise choice kak! just get one as what ieja said, "just in case shoe". Plus, what harm will a new gorgeous shoe do to u, right? :)

farah said...

ala if tak pakai time wedding pun can wear it other times also kan (trying to make a justifiable excuse) LOL

Ohhh shopping! nak ikut =P

Haneesa said...


i know right! those pointy pointy shoes! very unflattering!


it's not going to hurt right right right. i mean, a new pair of shoes would only hurt my pocket and make my heart happy ;p


mari mari mari shopping! i rindu sangat semorang! see you sooooon :)