October 19, 2010


36" 26" 38" (i got that off the internet, of course i didn't measure her)

What you are looking at right now, is an ideal figure, according to my designer.

Yes, after hours and hours at Jalan TAR, it was time to Meet The Designer. The first time I met him was sometime in May. At that time, he told us that it was a wee bit too early to do anything. I agree. After all, we weren’t even engaged then.

So, now that there’s about 2 months left, we just had to get on with it. Semua orang (read: Mama) dah panic. Panic of the highest degree.

The first time I was there, I tried something on and decided from the very start that I loved it already. I knew that even if we didn’t make my wedding attire with this designer, I would want the same design with any other designer.

But after trying on a few other pieces this time round, other than the one I had my eyes on, Mak Long, Fah and Mama decided that the colour of that dress just wasn’t suitable for me and for the event in general. And Mama decided that the design was a wee bit out of theme (not that we had any to begin with tiba tiba kan sekarang haha).

So, Mama said… “we’re getting you a new one”. Meaning, even though all this while I had the idea of simply renting anything I fancied from the shop, Mama decided, the reception attire should be something cut and made for my body. YEAYNESS! I get my own dress??! Hahaha. Jakun sekejap.

Simply because I am small.

Most people I read about want to lose weight before the wedding and a lot of people think it’s kind of fun to be all stick and bones. I thought it was too, until my measurements were taken and I was told about ideal measurements. And those ideals don't even have to be as perfect as the model in the photo above!

I am nowhere close to ideal, I tell you! I am just... small.

Which upsets me a little, of course, but I feel that I shouldn’t be so perturbed by it much since I’ve always been like this. Can’t expect me to go on a bingeing spree 2 months before and expect that all that fat will go to all the desired places. If that were the case, then my bingeing spree for the past year hasn’t worked at all. I've failed miserably in my mission. Don’t know what makes people think it will work on me now.

So, I am out to get a good Maximizer (hua hua hua so funny) and who can tell me where to get an ‘artificial butt’ please? I was told that it’s like pants, but with padding at the backside. Is this the same as Spanx? And if yes, where can I find it?

I wonder if I’m the only one facing this “too thin” problem.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


zhmt said...

dont worry kak, forget the designers. I had the same exp too. they asked me to buy push-ups, bla bla bla. and i even had mine tailor-made! i think they(the designers) should stop complaining since they have to tailormade ours anyway. not that we're renting from them and they need to do lot of alters, dont they? :P

Haneesa said...

hahhha, betul tu! i remember masa you were going to get married, you also went on a bingeing spree kan. tapi dah tailor made, memang they should do it according to our bodies la. haih... i really hope it turns out well amin

Zelia said...

OMG! I have that problem too! With 160cm and 42kg, memang kecik sungguh! Baju mcm nih tak lawa, baju mcm tuh nampak mengeloboih macam guni, pakai kebaya takde shape. ish ish ish.

But i'm getting married in June next year, i nak makan dan tanak stress. And pegi jogging once in a while untuk elak buncit! ngeh ngeh

Haneesa said...


thanks for dropping by!

seems like you laaaagi kecik dari i okay. my weight is pretty normal actually, cuma it doesn't show on my body for some reason.

i tried futsal and stuff, tapi masih kecik, jadi dalam 2 bulan, i am just going to accept myself. hahaha

good luck to you, hope all goes well!