October 18, 2010

Cloth Guru.

Last weekend, we picked Mak Long up as promised. I knew that I would come home with more than just shopping bags (read: massive headache) if I was left alone with the both of them, so I called Fah up and begged her to come along. After all, she could do with all the fresh air in the world and I needed a fresh breath of young people around me too.

So, we picked Mak Long up at 10 a.m.

The drama began in the car itself! OMG our mummies are so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing! After a while we realised that Mama wasn’t the best driver (as she is sooo used to having Babah and myself drive her), and that Mak Long calls left as “belok situ” and right as “belok situ” as well, causing us to be a little unsure whether she meant left or right, so we buckled up behind and laughed and laughed at how the 2 sisters were acting.

The second drama was at the parking lot. OMG! Mama was yap yapping all the way up the ramp because it was going round and round, even worse than curly fries! We parked at Semua House by the way, so I’m sure those who frequent Jalan TAR would know what the parking lot is like. They were even arguing about where to park – whether closest to entrance or closest to exit is better. Haih, mothers.

uuuuu aaaaaa

And then, the Cloth Guru got to work. Mak Long is really the best person to bring to Jalan TAR and all the fabric shops anywhere in world. She was so patient with all of us. Penyabar yang amat. She was commenting on every little piece that my mom planned on getting – cantik, no not that one, wow that’s beautiful, oooooo that colour is soo beautiful. They were uuuuh aahing at cloth and Fah and myself were trying really hard to stifle yawns. *sigh*


mangsa keadaan

mangsa keadaan jua

Part of the Pact that day was that Mak Long was supposed to concentrate on Mama’s purchases so that meant she couldn’t/shouldn’t buy anything. But when we weren’t looking, she went digging and digging into piles of cloth and found 2 pieces of raw silk that she loved! Her expression was priceless la hoi! Siap cakap lagi, “But I’ve always wanted fuchsia”. Okay, okay Mak Long we believe you. So comel.

Believe it or not, we were up on our feet for more than 8 hours before we left Jalan TAR to go Meet The Designer. By that time, we were really tired from all the walking and carrying those heavy loads up and down, up and down until they both made a decision that they were fully satisfied with their choices. Mak Long seriously is the best person to bring around for Cloth Consultation. I wish she did it for a living. She’d be richer than she already is. Hahahahah.

I seriously have the highest degree of respect for those who brave Jalan TAR on a weekly basis for wedding stuff and the spouses who go with them too. That place really has a life of its own- a force to be reckoned with. Heh.

Alhamdulillah, cloth for my family is done. But you know what? We sort of went off tangent with the theme. Hahahaha. Suka hati la labu. Kawan-kawan yang dah tahu theme colour jangan risau. Pakai je apa yang dah beli tu. Off tangent sikit je pun. Hahahahaha.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Rabieka Aliya said...

Hahahaha, mummy pernah cakap 'Never ever shop with Mak Long'. Kak Neesa, dinner jom?

shueyshoelove said...

I so agree! Salute lah siapa yang gi every weekend. My mom and I pun tak larat.

Haneesa said...

becky: hahaha. yes, i know! tapi for cloth, she seriously is the "man" i tell you! sabar gila and saaanggaat knowledgeable! hahahaha let's dinneerrr! do it when mir mir is home also best!

shuey: i know right? so gigih siapa yang frequent that place. if it were up to me, semua nak pergi shah alam or somewhere less congested je. my mom will not go there without my mak long i tell you!