October 03, 2010



Where are you staying?

I mean, if you’re married, where are you staying and if you’re going to get married, where will you be staying after?

Have you decided or considered or discussed this matter with your loved ones i.e. Mama, Babah and Mister?

What do they have to say about it?

From the moment I told my parents that Mister was serious about getting married, which was much longer than before merisik even, my parents (Mom, especially) started asking me about where I planned on staying after the wedding. Understandably so, at that point in time, Mister was in Penang. It was a cause of concern, for obvious reasons.

But now that he’s here, the most obvious answer would be – Putrajaya, where else? It’s the obvious answer because we’re both working here and the last thing I want to do after I get married is to still battle the traffic on a daily basis.

The moment Mister moved back here, he already knew in his mind that he needed to find a (relatively comfortable) place for us to stay at after we are married. So, the easiest way is by applying for Kuarters.

At the mention of  Kuarters, some people would already have an image of a decrepit building with mold growing all over the place. I know this because this is my initial thought of what a Kuarters looks like. Cut me some slack please. I grew up in Seremban and the Kuarters there did look like those pondok-pondok across Hospital Seremban which housed pesakit jiwa. Tak tipu.

I’m sure it’s much, much better now, just like the rest of the Kuarters here in Putrajaya.

So, imagine how happy I was when Mister told me that his application was successful (of course, after much pushing and prodding from him to those responsible for his application and a little word of “warning” about the amount of time he has been waiting).

The day after he told me about it, we went to visit the place. My first reaction?

Awak, kenapa rumah kita colour oren?

Alamak, tak bersyukur pulak. But we made a decision to go up anyways and see the place so that we can start planning on buying furniture, etc.

My verdict?

I had a huge Cheshire cat smile on my face after that. It’s nothing fancy or grand or anything at all. In fact, it’s empty (for now), still largely smells of cement and recently completed works, the lights don’t work (yet). But for now, it’s ours.


In the car that evening, he told me, “I can’t believe we will be living together.

I merely smiled and thought, “I can’t believe it myself

So much of it.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


tasha said...

i understand that feeling :) btw the kuarters there are really not bad. i've been into one and was surprised by how spacious it is!

Hani Joe said...

zue's staying in putrajaya too and kuarters gile cantik. spacious, 3 rooms, sgtlah suitable for newlywed. sgt cantik :) and you knowlah what they say kan, it's not the place, it's the company you're with :)

Haneesa said...

tasha: aaaaa! you must have bought a house or something niiii :) that feeling is surreal i know ;)

hanijoe: i was surprised with the kuarters too! so besar. even the apartments are cozy