October 12, 2010


Adik had a little bit of a breakdown 2 weekends ago due to accumulated stress. She’s not the type who gets stressed out very fast (or often, even) and crying is probably something she does once a year, tops. Adik is Babah’s favourite best friend. It is a well-acknowledged and well-accepted fact by all of us. No jealousy whatsoever.

So, imagine what Babah felt when he saw his bestest friend break down AND cry!

For the whole of last week, Babah kept on reiterating how kesian he was that Adik cried and how upset she seemed and that he felt so kesian for her (again) and that he too was really upset that Adik was upset. Haih la, Babah.

They (Mama and Babah) both didn’t know the cause of Adik’s breakdown but I knew. And they somehow sensed that I did and was trying very hard to coerce details out of me. Of course, I didn’t oblige. Since they were very determined to find out why Adik was crying so bad, they decided they needed to make a trip to Seremban to visit her. To make whatever it was that was wrong, right again.

I grimaced at the thought. I knew that the last thing Adik needed were my parents going there in the middle of exam week. So, I sort of volunteered the moment Mister agreed he would accompany me.

The night before Seremban (which was Saturday night, 091010), we were in BSP and I just came back from a wedding in Melaka. On normal circumstances, I would’ve just bought something on the way to Seremban to feed Adik.

But I figured that since I’m going to go and comfort Adik, I might as well go OTT with the preparations and got going in the kitchen.

Plus, since Mama was rushing to go to a gathering on 101010 morning, I knew she wouldn’t be there to breathe down my neck while I was cooking.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love my mom to death (as much as she drives me up the wall sometimes). She’s probably one of the best cooks I’ve ever known. Even her sunny side ups are amazing! But because of that fact, well... I feel intimidated to cook when she’s around.

So, at the opportunity I had to cook alone, I did just that ;)

I’ll show you in the next post, what I made for the perfect ten day.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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