October 08, 2010

vulgar innuendos.

This morning, when I came to the office and greeted my colleague, he asked me,

“Awak, kenapa awak ada bisol?”

So, I told him that it wasn’t a bisol. Though, in retrospect, after taking a few photos of myself (nampak sangat vain nak mamps), it is HUGE. No wonder people gave me funny looks as I was leaving the office for lunch.

spot the bisol

I told my colleague that my mom said the reason why people grew pimples is because they like to berangan a lot.

He asked me,

“Apa la awak berangan dekat mulut awak tu, kan?” *complete with smirk on face and everything*

And yes, he’s a he. Guys, I tell you. You can’t give them a chance at it at all. You give them a chance and they turn even the ugliest of things into something “naughty” like that.

I don’t know whether or not that is a form of sexual harassment and a lot of people would call me poyo for raising this matter. Of course, there was no direct reference to anything sexual at all, but to me, there was a certain level of vulgar innuendo to it.

I guess with the shifting of morals, people think we shouldn’t mind anymore when people make remarks such as that which was made to me. After all, it was said in jest, wasn’t it? Uhuh.

Maybe I’m the traditional one. Maybe I’m too conservative when it comes to certain things. But to me, a guy should always keep his sexy thoughts to himself, especially if the person he is saying those things to is/will be someone else’s wife.

I also think that if you are a guy who has a girlfriend or is about to get married, you should save any words of praise you have for your partner and her alone. In my personal opinion, though realistically speaking there are many more other people more gorgeous that your partner, she should be the only one entitled to those praises.

Conservative much? Uhuh. Very.

I just think that the shifting of morals is the very thing that is breaking down the most honest of relationships.

Enough of all the serious stuff.

My “bisol” is fixed! Apadahal. Bukan susah pun.

feeling tok pah gitu. huahuahua

All better now.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Sexual harrassment is when you don't feel comfortable with whatever that's uttered to you.

Even though it's not direct, if you feel offended, that is already a sexual harrassment. And by right you can report it.

At the company I'm working with, the rule is always like that. And am glad that they take this matter seriously. A few people had lost their jobs because of this. No kidding babe.

Haneesa said...

oh wow. they really take it seriously??? where i am, it's not as strict as that, so when girls feel a lil' uncomfortable, they just keep mum or walk away. haih... maybe they should take this more seriously.