October 25, 2010

new to me.

Daddy’s Girl
by Lisa Scottoline.

When I picked this book up from the bookshelves at home, I was reading another book; a book which is interesting, but needs a lot of concentration in order for me to really appreciate the content. Turns out that I finished reading Daddy’s Girl first and didn’t get to finish the one I was reading before. So review for this one first, it is.

My first reaction when I read the first few pages? “Oh wow, this book is like an adaptation of a movie!” Yes, seriously. It’s as if the author extracted her favourite scenes from all her favorite movies and put it all into writing.

BUT. Just as I was about to put it down and turn to something else, the story became interesting. Mostly, the story revolves around “something under the floor” and the characters’ quest and trials and tribulations to find it.

It reinforced my belief that money is the root of all evil and that you can’t always trust the people you love and live with.

The one thing about this book which I thought was interesting is that it has many climaxes. Normally, in a book, there will a climax in which your heart stops for a while and that is normally as it comes to the end, right? Not this one. Just when I thought that the ending was the ending, there was another end to that ending. I am really not good at explaining these things as I am not an English teacher, but yeap. That’s what I thought about the book.

And the end to that ending is something you partially expect and don’t expect. When reading this book, just be wary of the fact that there can never be too many villainy characters in a book. It just doesn’t make much sense if there are like 3-4 villains in a story. It’s always just one. I missed that part out.

It’s kind of good for an unfamiliar author (to me at least). I give it a 3/5. Does she have any other books you people would like to recommend?

p.s: it still felt like a movie until the very end. And truth to be told, it's like a girly version of prison break of some sort.  

image googled. my cover is a little different from this.

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