June 18, 2011

They bind. They break.

If you think of it properly, I am sure that we've all been brought together by a guy before.


A guy.

Ala. You know. Those people you become friends with because of a guy. I've been there before. That much I know.

It's easy to make friends when you're talking about guys, don't you think so? "My boyfriend is like this." "My boyfriend is like that." Or "My ex was such a jerk" "He was like this." "He was like that."

Yeah. Those things surprisingly bind women together because it's easy to find something in common when we talk about guys. They are either uber sweet. Or total jerks. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get something in between.

Either way, it's nice to share.

Because "guy stories" are so easy to relate to.

But... in some cases, guys not only bind but they tear girls apart too.

Yeah. They do. I've been there too.

At the point in time when we allow guys or any particular guy to come between us, it all makes perfect sense.

Because... she is supposed to be your friend so she should understand you most, right? So now that the guy has hurt you, the last thing your friend should do is to go and get all buddy-buddy with the guy, right?

Yeah. To a certain degree, it is right.

But we can only control so much if we are not adults. Now that we are, there is every reason we should act more rationally, and deal with the situation in a much, much more mature manner.

And that includes being civil and not avoiding our friend just because she now goes out with your ex.

It makes perfect sense to feel hurt. Betrayed. Feel like a million lil' things no one can understand. It's logic. We're human, aren't we?

But throwing away years and years of rock solid friendship over a guy?

It's not worth it.

Trust me.

Because believe me, I've done that before. It felt good when I did it. But now that many years have passed, all I can say is that we were all so stupid.

So stupid to fall into that web.

So, you shouldn't ditch your friendship over a guy too.

I'm not blind. Nor am I stupid. I observe more than you think.


anaztasias nora aira said...

like this entry :)

Haneesa said...

well, thank you dear :)