June 18, 2011

FFTO activities

Yesterday, I fasted. I'm quite infamous for ganti puasa lambat and this year is no exception.

You see, when you love to eat but you can't eat, your brain starts to crave many things. And so... I thought that going to Alamanda wasn't such a good idea.

So I went home. Like I always do on Fridays.

And the moment I arrived, I had this lightbulb moment on how to properly "waste" my lunch hour.

Ended up making these babies.

Oh my. It was so satisfying. I wasn't sure if it would taste good (which it damn well does by the way) but the smell... the smell was enough to make me salivate. Aum.

This is my second attempt in making buttercream/icing. But this time it turned out loopy and runny just like the last time.

I think it's time I enrolled into cake decorating classes. It'll be such a waste to be able to bake good cakes yet know very little how to decorate them, right?

Does anyone have any idea on how to make good buttercream/icing without using eggwhites?

Mine was a simple mixture of butter, icing sugar and milk and it still turned out runny.

I want my cakes to look pretty!


For the record, it took only an hour an a half for me to bake the cake. Including prep time, cooling time and icing time.

So proud of myself. Heehee.

Jemput makan!


Helinomics said...

ala kakakkkk why u did this during my pantangggg....T_T

Haneesa said...

heheheh. takpe nnt dah habis pantang boleh makan. 44 hari je ;p ;p ;p