June 13, 2011

the perfect proposal.

I’m sure many of us have an “I Do” story. The kind that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Well, even if we don’t, I’m sure that most of us at least DREAM of the most perfect proposal. And by perfect, I think most girls wished that their partners would get on one knee in front of thousands of people, express his undying love for her and asks her to marry him and they’ll live happily ever after.

Well, believe it or not, ONE girl got that wish granted.

I was listening to the radio last week when I heard of this girl’s story.

She told of how they were all in a party with thousands of people and suddenly, she saw her boyfriend on the stage. Then, he called her up and then the whole works of a “perfect proposal” took place. She said YES (!!!). And I thought that it was all a very sweet affair.

And at that very moment, she asked no one in particular (in a very, very flat, unexcited tone),

Sounds perfect, right?

I almost screamed at her through my radio, “OF COURSE ITS PERFECT YOU IDIOT!”

Only, after her entire story (and not to mention her tone), I wasn’t too sure if she felt the same.

She was in a dilemma. She told us that she felt that it was all happening too fast, too soon. They were still young. She had many other things she wanted to achieve in life and wasn’t sure if settling down was one of it. At least not at this point in time.

So, when the DJs asked her why she said YES in the first place, she told them that she was caught by surprise and it’s not that she had much of a choice. There were thousands of people there and she didn’t want to embarrass her boyfriend. Hmmm. That is a valid point. If I were in the same position, I would have probably said yes too.

After dinner that night, while we were cleaning the dishes, I told my husband of the “perfect proposal” story and asked him,

“If I were someone else; any other girl, how would you have proposed to me?”

He said,

“But you’re not any other girl. You’re you. You’d hate the “perfect proposal””

So I persuaded him to imagine that I was some other girl. Not me. I just wondered how he would propose to me if I wasn’t… me?

So, he looked me in the eye and said,

“Well, if you insist… Jom kawen?”


Boy, am I happy that I’m me or what?! At least I got a relatively sweet message of “I bought the ring already” rather than “Jom kawen”.

Point is that we all dream of some kind of a “perfect proposal”. We do. Don’t deny it. And for most (myself not excluded), we’ve been brought up with the image of “perfect” being one that has a knight in shining armour who kneels on one knee, who presents us with the “rock” we’ve all been dreaming of all our lives.

Truth is, sometimes what is deemed as a “perfect proposal” isn’t all that perfect when actually executed. It only looks sweet in movies. In real life, I think that it’ll probably cause an awkwardness that’s difficult to overcome.

I wouldn’t know for sure because I’m an entirely different species of "girl" (where proposals are concerned) anyway.

More than anything, I don’t think I’d settle for just any rock… no point of having a surprise if it isn’t a pleasant one. Heehee.

Do you have a "perfect proposal" story?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


anaztasias nora aira said...

found ur blog =)

salam kenal b2b :)


Haneesa said...

hello there! thanks for dropping by! glad to be of any help, if you need any!

happy preparing dear :)