June 08, 2011

Halloween in June.

This year, it seems like alot of people have a penchant for... costumes! Or themed dinners! Or fancy dresses.

Some time earlier this year, we had our Division Conference in Kuantan and one of the themes we decided on was BACK TO SCHOOL! Uhuh.

It has been quite some time since a we had a themed dinner and though I was all hyped about it, I was also swamped. So, I ended up looking for my "fancy dress" just a day before I left for Kuantan. I guess I am just lucky to have friends of the same size and thankfully, Hypermarkets sell school uniforms at very, very affordable prices (issue of quality aside).

I ended up dressing up as "HERMIONEESA", to which my bosses responded by telling me that movie characters don't count. Well, it doesn't matter because what matters is that we had loads of fun that night!


Last weekend, I went to my cousin's 11th birthday party (I thought that she's still 8 though!).

MakNgah is a genius because she booked everyone about 3 weeks before the party. And so, that way, little miss (oops Mrs) from Putrajaya here made sure that she kept that weekend free.

We went to Mama's first, where I camwhored with Adik like nobody's business. That hasn't happened in a long time and I think my Android deserves the credit since I've been more than happy to snap photos since I bought it 2 weeks ago. We also decided then what we really wanted to dress as.

Initially, I wanted to go all out and dress like this:

But MakNgah called one day to ask if I was coming and she told me not to worry too much about the costume and what was most important was HEAD UP. So, that eliminated one huge headache, but it didn't mean that I now knew what I wanted to be.

So, we went to MakNgah's house. Dropped Mama and Adik off first and Encik and myself joined them later. I was at the gate when I heard Na scream my name. YES, it has been THAT long since we last met and she was so excited to see me, and when she finally saw me looking all FAB like THIS:

Imagine her reaction.

It was hilarious, I tell you!

It was so amazing because everyone who had already arrived was looking either yucky or scary and I'm sure Hannah was mighty, mighty glad that everyone was such a sport.

What happened that night was a lot of fun, of course. And here are some of them who just had to go all out with being super scary halloween.

Nice, right? To be honest, we never thought that Halloween could happen in June, but it DID! We should have more themed parties like this because that was just oh-so-fun, I tell you!

It was great meeting them and talking gibberish and laughing like silly hyenas all evening.

And last but not least, thanks Adik for the matchy matchy teeshirts and thanks Encik for driving us there!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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