August 27, 2010

a little hot date update.

I think I won’t quite get over with my Photographer issue, but I’ve come close to closing a deal. Phew.

My former OP was very professional when I told them my concerns of late delivery and the complaints I have been hearing and I asked for some time to think, which they obliged. And after I failed to get back to them… they gave me some grace period and after thoroughly thinking it through… I guess it’s not meant to be after all.

When I cancelled with my former OP, I honestly could not help but notice how relieved they sounded. Perhaps they already knew that they wouldn’t be inspired by us (and they haven’t even met Mister yet) and I knew then that the earlier chemistry I felt only lasted as far as telephone conversations were concerned. So I knew that I did the right thing.

Notice that I talk a lot about my photographer and not much else? Yes, I know. Sometimes, I worry about it too. Yesterday, I talked to both Mamita and Jaja about wedding stuff. It’s the little things that make you botak, you know that? Haha.

I think Mamita flipped when I told her I didn’t want any bunga manggar and bunga pahar, seeing that it’s going to be in a hall and we’re going to do away with the merenjis and all. She told me,

“Ey, kau nak kahwin ke tak ni???”

Haha. Don’t misunderstand, of course she knows that it’s not one of the wajib items, it just makes the whole ceremony a little bit more meriah, I guess. She knows too well how minimalistic I can get when planning things, so she’s just trying to spark the whole thing up, hehe! So, she’s volunteered to follow me to anywhere I plan on going to "check those things out" first, before I actually decide on having/not having the said items. Of course, anything for a jalan-jalan session, ey Mamita? Hehe.

I haven’t been updating much on the wedding because there’s really nothing much to update on. Our solemnization outfits are done and the only problem with it at the moment is the weight I am losing. I have to go on a bingeing spree before I tie the knot so that I won’t look like a tomato on a twig on that day.

The other thing I have been seriously scouting for is my reception dress. I told you I'm practical like that so I’m just going to rent it. I’m not going to bother going through drama with designers etc., since I’m not so artsy myself and that makes it difficult for them to design because I’m clueless about how I would want my own dress to be. I know what I like, but would the designer be able to deliver? Hmmm…

But seeing that it is the fasting month and my mom is quite occupied with the house, I have decided to put it on hold. Paling senang, we will go to Siti Khadijah boutique in TTDI and rent one of her pieces. I’m sure the latest ones are nice.

I sound so unenthusiastic about the wedding, I know. But that’s perhaps I’m already thinking about the Minimoon and the Honeymoon and the apartment and the interior and the things I will be cooking and the furniture I will be buying. Phew. What a long excited list! I guess I’ve always known even before I decided to get married that the wedding isn’t everything.

I will update more on the wedding, when it gets nearer? Perhaps, I’d turn into a true blue bridezilla when it gets real near? Perhaps, but hopefully not ;)

Oh, whatever you do, when visiting Nilai 3, DO NOT SIT ON THE BED!


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


amira said...

i have so many stories for u tauu ! i think nnt muka akak berubah-ubah dgr :P hahhaha

freespirited12 said...

hahaha. i have stories for you too! byk gile!

tasha said...

your wedding isn't until next year and look how enthusiastic you are! mine is at the end of the year and yet, everything is just so sluggish for me haha malas nak fikir. nasib baik my mum is here to think for me and to help out with everything.

yes, i think i am just like you. i rent all my baju. malas nak pergi design2 pilih kain and what not. haha good luck to the both of us!

p/s : mmg fikiran dah melayang ke honeymoon la life after marriage la. benda yang nak di settle kan x buat2 pon :)

freespirited12 said...

tasha: well, mine is like early next year, so it's still kind of near jugak! hehehehehe. mmg lucky you your mum nak fikir! my parents pon like that la. i mmg make up, photog, baju. 3 things je yang betul2. the rest, catering, doorgifts all, mmg my mom la yang pikir. hehehe

good luck to the both of us!

nothing wrong with being excited about life! hahahaha. seronok pulak berangan hahahahahaha

jaizah said...


i dah ingat bunga tangan punye website - go see bisik-bisik design.fotopages :P

freespirited12 said...

thnks jaja! can't wait to see you this weekend! :)