August 10, 2010

never quite enough.

This isn't a good way to start my morning and I know it. But I can't help but to want to write about it. Because it is a cause for concern. MY concern.

Yesterday evening, as I was trying to clean up my unfinished work, I was given a new piece of work from a client I loathe. I dare say this because I know that everyone else loathes the same client as well - for their unreasonableness, for their inability to spot the issue they want us to solve, for taking up our precious time cleaning up their (sucky) work and generally, for just giving us jobs which can only be described as time wasters, not because we are lazy, but simply because the job is as a result of their half-baked thoughts put into a casserole, baked to non-perfection.

I wish I could just say who my client is but of course, I still love my job.

It's as if they forgot that tonight will be the day when people would tengok anak bulan. It's like they forgot that Ramadan comes only once a year. They forgot that in this month, everything else takes a back seat because hey, this is the only month in the year where we can perform our duties as a good Muslim without the interference of our "dear friend" - Satan, as they will be tightly tied, away from all of us.

There is more to life than work. Why can't everyone just wrap their minds around that fact. Sometimes, I just tell my boss off when she gets agitated that her kids call her so often when she's doing her work,

"Puan, sekarang ni puan rasa boring diorang asyik call. Nanti dia dah besar macam saya, asyik puan je call dia. Masa tu, diorang pulak yang bengang. Masa tu nanti dah too late sebab diorang dah taknak cakap dengan puan dah. That period of time when they need you this much would have passed."

It seems to be working. Because I know that deep down, she knows it's the truth. By the way, my mom NEVER ignored our calls. Up until today. Dah tua bangka pun manja macam baby.

I just wish I had enough guts to tell our clients the same. They seem oblivious (and happily so) to the fact that, hey, people have families to run home to.

The saddest part is that those who are doing these things are the Muslims. Tak terpanggil nak pergi masjid ke agaknya?

Money will never be enough, work will never finish.

I just hope they understand. Tsk.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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