August 03, 2010

oh so much love!

Hah. Here is why last weekend was so fulfilling! What else! Weddings, of course. And a little proper date (oh, finally!) with the Mister.


TOP: L-R Tasha & I, The lovely dais. BOTTOM: L-R 2 budak sayang yang comel, friends who never fail to be the sunshine of any event. Seronok sangat! I LOVE THE FACT THAT I WAS AT THE CENTER FOR ALL THE PHOTOS SEBAB SURE GAMBAR SAYA MASUK. SIAPA BACA NI CEPAT TAG KAKAK KAT FACEBOOK PLEASE ;)
A definition of a good friend is one who you can fall into a comfortable silence with yet slip into endless conversation as well, when you meet after years. That's who Izza is to me. And she tied the knot on 31.7.2010, Alhamdulillah! They've got a really simple love story and that's what makes it special. Jodoh pertemuan memang di tangan Tuhan. It was also a very simple wedding ceremony at Dewan Perdana Felda, joined and celebrated by friends, family and all well-wishers.

It's true when people say that orang baik are meant for yang sama baik as this is the exact epitome of that saying. Though Izza has always been low-key and down to earth, she is more than meets the eye. Both Adam and Izza are high flyers, go-getters and perfect for each other! And though I have never had the opportunity of knowing Adam more, I do hope that he takes good care of my good friend. Like I said in my card, she's a gem and you've really won yourself a lottery. Better take care of our Headgirl for us, okay?!

Details I like:

the lovely, sporting friends!


TOP: L-R chiavari chairs, yummeh, super friends who light up even the brightest of days, BOTTOM: L-R guests of honour who were so super duper sporting! Mamin and her Babah

This couple is one of the few MMU friends who I constantly keep in contact with. The Amed (the groom) is my Mister's best friend and he finally married his long time bestfriend-girlfriend Mamin. They are such a sweet couple, really. Both quirky, both funny and both totally and completely smitten with each other. They really complement each other. Very good! I like couples in love ;). I know for a fact that Amed LOVES this girl alot and that better not change in the 100 years to come okay, Amed?

It was held at Taman Botani Putrajaya (rain shelter without the rain bak kata Aya). It was such a beautiful garden wedding. The best part is that the weather was just perfect! It was not hot, but not raining. The perfect word would be redup. And although the VIPs who came are VVIPs, it did not at all feel so because even the VVIPs were cool. Why wouldn't they be and how could they NOT be, when the crowd there was the noisiest, most happening I have ever met (after my own girly friends of course). We really did have the time of our lives taking thousands of poses together (the best thing when the OP is your friend as well). It was nice, really, really nice. It was really the couple's rezeki that everything went so perfect though I personally think that garden weddings are risky! But all in all, I loved it! Especially the chairs. So yummeh.

Details I like:

the yummy chairs and garden concept as a whole. so romantic~

And last but not least!

Date Day, FINALLY!

The Planner gets to go everywhere we go. Lucky girl.

We finally got to go on a date after so many weeks. It was nice of Mister to book tickets for us to watch Inception at Tropicana, which is good because parking lots are aplenty plus the crowd there isn't crazy. And this is after what seems like forever since the last time we watched a movie together (and since the last time I watched ANY movie for the matter). It was so nice. Before that we went to Empire to see what the hype was all about. I thought it looked like a mini Pavilion and it was okay. The crowd isn't as crazy. We ate at Kenny Rogers (BOTTOM No. 2 photo). The interior is so chic, but I was really disappointed with the service. So slow and understaffed! Mister gave them really low, honest marks. They've got to buck up if they want to compete.

Okay, that's all. Heee. Of course I won't disclose what else was nice about last weekend but it was really, really nice ;)

Details I like:

yellow lighting and lovely interior.

Back to my unfinished opinion, bye!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


tmc said...

izza's wedding loookss faabb!! and all you girls!! sungguh rindu :(

freespirited12 said...

oh, it was fab alright! and the best part is that uncle idris was kind enough to address us all in his speech that night and we were cheering like no one's business! ehhehe. best! balik cepat okk?

then, you can join the other weddings to come.

good luck with your thesis! :)

yayahafiza said...

OMG kakak! sy sgt jealous sbb xdpt g.... saket mata :( thanks for the photos anyway~ terubat gak la

p/s: mcm xbiase je wat kecoh :P

freespirited12 said...

itu la rugi tak datang ;)