August 19, 2010

scrawny lil girl.

My fingers are so scrawny that my rings clink against each other like bangles and hang ever so loosely around the (non-existent) flesh on my bones.

Hello, there! I have been quiet. Quite uninspired to write about anything and I decided to not write at all. Not quite my usual self, right? I almost always normally not care about dishing out crap on the plate.

Well, anyways, in my attempts to add flesh to my bones, I joined my colleagues for a break fast session yesterday at Seoul Garden Plaza Pantai. It was my first time there and oh, boy, did I have fun or what?

We were really early, like 630 p.m. kind of early. But guess what? There were others who were way earlier that we were. They must either work there. Or they must be super hungry. Not that arriving at 630 p.m. would help much, though, come to think of it.

Well, anyways. Being the group with the most number of people suffering OCD of varying degrees, we started plotting away our plans on what and how our “eating operation” would be. Just to make sure that we didn’t eat wrongly, strategically speaking.

I specifically said that no one should eat rice because rice is very filling and the steamboat had to be eaten last because it is soupy and therefore, it fills up our much needed tummy space.

I was in charge of all things sweet and also drinks, while the rest had the time of their lives at the buffet lines, feasting their eyes and also appetites (plus nafsu makan raksaksa of course), picking and choosing a lot of everything for everyone at the 3 tables we booked.

We started cooking and the rest is history.

Safe to say that from the moment we heard azan and popped kurma into our mouths, I ate NON-STOP for at least the next half-hour, not saying a word. The meat was so good! And I’m not saying this merely because I was hungry, of course. It was really good.

Though I must admit that at that point, when someone asked me, “Ada black pepper meat tak?”, all I did was to stare back at that person with a confused face and a little bit of something hanging at the side of my mouth, as if thinking, “Ada black pepper meat? I don’t taste any black pepper. No.” So, perhaps I was really famished after all.

At around 8 p.m., I could suddenly taste all the chocolate chicken (I know, weird right?) they were talking about, the black pepper beef (oh, finally!), the lamb which I unabashedly consumed in absurd amounts and the yummy tasting sauces and all else which was dumped onto the mountain I called my plate.

It suddenly dawned on me how full I was. OH. MY. GOD.

And then, we all became “tipsy”. We were laughing and being merry and laughing like no one’s business. I promised them that I would eat some more after Maghrib but boohoo to me, I ended up fiddling with my food, taking a bit of the dim sum and finished it off with the tomyum. Of course, I couldn’t miss out on the ice cream. Didn’t know that mango ice cream tastes so good ooohyum.

The rest of the night was spent talking a bit about the office (macam segan nak guna perkataan gossip memandangkan bulan puasa) and apparently, nothing much has changed! Ahahaha. Surprise, surprise. Same old frustrations, some new additions and the same old exit/escape plan which we all end up never executing.

It was such a good night, I fell asleep right after I bathed. It didn’t help that the weather was so nice! But I woke up in the middle of the night because mosquitoes were bothering me to the point that they entered my dreams. And so now, I really am very drowsy.

But here are some photos from last night. I shot them in raw and edited later. I love shooting in raw.

Appetizers, heheehee
Master Chef and Assistant
good friends and Ryan and GF at the back. It was REALLY good to see Ayu again after almost like... how many months! She's one of those first few people I befriended when I began working. So glad nothing's changed :)
1/8 of what we grabbed off the buffet line. tak tipu.
I took the camera out and they said, okay, okay jum masak and then they posed. Hahaha. 

New Addition and scrawny fingers.
Baby Wildan, a colleague's son. Father not featured in here.
I was just sleepy so I snapped this.
Damage is done. And it made the guy at the next table stare at us in disbelieve. Hahahahah.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, of course my fingers didn't gain weight overnight. My cheeks did.

Sekian. Harap iman anda tak tercabar.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


tasha said...

i've always heard good feedbacks about this place and i am yet to try it myself. 4 years studying in lembah pantai pun didn't bring me to that place haha

btw, you really are shrinking la kakak. you ought to put on a little weight. you seem to be even more kurus than the last time i see you.

freespirited12 said...

HEHE. it was my first time too! the food was okaylah the portions are nice. mmg best masak-masak tu!

and yes, i know i am shrinking but i really don't know what to do about it anymore apart from embracing it. heh