August 13, 2010

dah ada aura (sikit aje)

Yesterday evening, Mama texted me:

Ma: Girl, nanti on the way balik, pergi beli kuih okay?
Me: Okay.
Ma: Ma masak nasik lemak ayam sambal harini.
Me: Nasik lemak ayam sambal??? Uuuuuuu!!! Okay, nanti berhenti beli kuih.
Ma: If tak sempat, tell me earlier.


That was probably at around 4. Obviously, for the next half hour or so, I couldn't concentrate on anything apart from the images of nasik lemak ayam sambal. For Ramadan, I decided to clock out at 4.30 since I come in very early anyway. So, you can guess what time I left the office right. Yes, pekerja contoh indeed.

I was thinking of how different it would be next year because next year, I will have a husband and the conversation above might be applicable to me and him then. Heh. Might.

I might be the one on the other end of the line cooking the nasik lemak ayam sambal excitedly telling him over the phone. (hey, though MIGHT is the operative word, I DO KNOW how to cook okay. but what's the point of showing off your cooking skills when Mama still wins hands down?).

Well, anyways, I bought the kuih as promised. As I was queing up for the murtabak, an Auntie asked me,
"Pernah beli kat sini?"

So, I answered,
"Taklah. Ni line paling pendek. Raja Murtabak ramai sangat."

She was obviously disappointed because she obviously wanted a review.

She continued,
"Your hubby pergi mana tu?"

I stared at her,
"Hoh? Hubby?"

She was referring to the guy behind/beside me, who was no longer there at that time.

So, I told her he isn't my hubby.

She just smiled.

As I reached the front of the line, the Kakak Kedai took my order,
"Ye dik?"

I ordered:
"2 murtabak Kak"

"Ayam? Daging?" She prodded.

My quick answer:
"Mana-mana yang cepat la Kak. Mana-mana yang ada. Nak 2"

And so, ayam it was. 

So, I'm proud to say that:

(1) I finally have "aura bini orang"(sebab ada orang ingat that I already have a hubby), as people normally think I'm still in school  (or maybe I just look old? OMG).

(2) My husband will never go hungry. I go for the shortest lines AND go for what's quickly available. Quick thinking makes the tummy sing.

(3) The murtabak wasn't so bad. My dad ate 90% of it. Though maybe, he was just really hungry.

Oh, sila jangan risau Mister. I'm not normally like this. The nasik lemak got to my head. I promise ;)

And, yes. I do cook. I promise even harder.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

4 comments: said...

I get excited when people actually notice the rings on my finger as a sign that I'm married instead of cakap I budak budak pakai cincin suka suka je hehe

and I lagila excited when people call me puan hani now haha

I'm sure you'll be a great wife. Kareem tidak akan kelaparan :)

yayahafiza said...

ok kakak.... i like the part when people asked u,'husband mana'.... aura sudah ada.... hihihi.... good one...

p/s: early this week a friend of mine (still single)vomitted at the office due to 'excessive' breakfast... then, kakak cleaner tu slambenye ckp,' biase la tu dik, early2 pregnancy'...

ZARA said...

well. I can cook. deliciously in fact =p but the thing i hate the most about cooking is cleaning up the mess.

So, i already warned my fiancé. if u want me to cook, u should either hire a maid or u help me.

for these few days of Ramadhan. he came everyday to my house after work to prepare buka puasa meal for us.

alasan dia: malas nak makan luar sbb ramai orang. huhuhu... so i imagine that after kahwin he'll do it regularly... kuikui

freespirited12 said...

hani: mesti excited kan? ehehehe. it's like all suddenly coming to me. all the excitement of being married ;p. i do hope that i make a good wife. amin.

aera:hehehehe. first time orang tanya camtu. dah ada auraa wow. hehehehe. about your friend tu, mesti dia bengkek je. esp kalau dia kurus je tak nampak "pregnant" langsung pun. hehe

zara: i tau! i tgk your personal blog and geram tgk the things you cook. i can bake. and i think i bake well, although i tak pandai hias2 makanan. masak tu je kureng sikit sebab my mom pandai masak so macam tough competition at home!

and about the cleaning up part, omg mmg semakin banyak benda in common because that's exactly what i told my Mister as well.

cooking is fun. cleaning up is such a bummer. selamat berpuasa :)