September 05, 2008

why women hate football

Today's drive home was nothing short of excruciating. I’m not joking, in fact, Mamin would probably ask me, “why so serious?”. But seriously. Due to the closure of the Smart Tunnel, it seemed like the entire country was on KL roads today.

And since I was on the road for 2 or more hours, I lost my temper, brought myself as low as other unethical drivers, sped when the roads became clearer although being fully aware of how slippery the roads were and the list goes on. Just let’s not talk about that right now okay.

But since I was in the car for 2 odd hours, I got to hear what people had to say when FlyFM asked the listeners what they thought was the real reason why women hated football so much. Most of the answers basically revolved around the fact that when it comes to football, women come in second, and football came in first in the guys’ list.

One guy even said that since football is a religion, the guy OBVIOUSLY can’t put anything above his religion, and so, football it is. Another one said, well, the game only lasts 90 mins and the rest of the day’s attention belongs to the girls, so why bother so much?

I couldn’t agree more with those who felt sidelined by football... at first. Because believe me, I have gone out on dates, all dolled up, wearing nice perfume, a touch of light make up and very exceptionally nice clothes (which is a big deal for me because I don’t dress up much) only to watch football at a Mamak Shop or Hartamas later.

What a waste of all the “dolling-up” I mentioned above, eh? And trust me, I have been extremely emotional about it before. Simply because

  • I don’t understand the game
  • Why did I put in all that effort if all he wanted to see was 22 guys running after a ball on that big screen?

So, when throwing fits didn’t help, I just decided tolearn to love the game he loves by buying almost matching jerseys so that we could wear them together when Arsenal was playing. That worked well.

And when that worked well, I started playing a bit of futsal. And then, I joined tournaments. Not big ones, but just enough to get me started on understanding the rules, etc.

And trust me, futsal is an extremely exhilarating game. Once you get to know futsal, football isn’t really that different apart from the size of the field and a few other simple rules.

Once you get to know the terminologies in football such as “offside” and “top corner” (even I know that that's pathetic but it's better than hating the game altogether, eh?), that would be sufficient to get you hooked to the game.

I think that women hate football because there is still a child in every one of us. "Apa-apa lelaki buat sumer tak best and girls main dolls je yang best. Boys ni yucks la." That kind of thing, I know you get what I mean. So, since it’s and unwritten rule somewhere that girls aren’t supposed to like football, lots of girls just jump on the bandwagon and hate football too. And since boys were somehow destined to hate make-up, they jump on the bandwagon, and hate make up too.

Actually, all we need is a little tolerance. Girls, be a sport and put on that team’s jersey for that game. Or in Jaja’s case, wear the rival team’s jersey since she and Mr. Bots like different teams. Get to know the game and give the game a chance, even if you really don’t want to give your man a chance.

They might just (more like you are allowed to make them) follow you in and out of shops in malls during your shopping trips, you know? Even if they don’t have the patience, the least is they’ll treat you to a nice lunch. And it is good to be together although half the time he's bickering at you for being so fickle. Trust me, they can learn to love seeing their girls play doll and try on this and that.

And even better, they won’t be able to say that they hate shopping, since we learned to love their football :)

(but I still whine sometimes) who doesn't?

like this time, see. dia happy giler and i'm just too tired to even pretend to be excited about the game.



udeshah said...

owh kakak..saye sgt suke football!yeay!!hidup arsenal..!!serius kakak..bile u start to understand those terms in football tuh, ko akan cm.."wey,offside laa tuh..bodo nyer referee x nmpak..""wey,faul laa tuh"haha..sgt laa emotional tau!n biler team yg ko support tuh menang, ko akn cm..arghh..susah nk explain..maybe just cm bile cadets coll menang pape comp..haha..betol!

haneesa said...

ahhahaha. sangat betulll!!!
aku pon start with knowing the terms dulu. and bile nak kick bola kat mana. heheheh. bila dah bole join conversation mmg syiok abiiisss la. gile emo. sangat betul!


abduls said...

hehehe.. best kan bola?

freespirited12 said...

beeesssssh :)
but only when you pay attention to me too :P

ude said...

kakak, saya bukan giler bola di tv giler main winning eleven gak walau selalu gak kalah..hahah

freespirited12 said...

boleh tahan kamu ude.
not bad. not bad at all.
last time kakak main ada game bola ni. tak ingat napa dia apa.
something pro kot.

then my housemates told me; kakak, inilah season arsenal yang paling memalukan. sbb aku yang mainkan orang2 tu.

cis bedebahbah taaakk.