September 27, 2008

sikat kutu

“awak, saya kat Feringghi nak apape?”

I hardly ask for anything. Tapi suddenly macam nak something pulak :p.

“sikat kutu yang ada manic-manik tu”

“okays dear. Saya cuba okay”

Wah. Pandai kan dia cari untuk saya. Siap belikan 2 yang cantik pulak tu. Hehe.

I’m a tad bit belated where this thing is concerned. When I was studying, I didn’t exactly want to splurge on accessories. When I started working I thought that RM 30 for one of these beauties was just too much. Then, Abduls comes along and asks me what I would like, so saya pesan lah ini dari Penang. There, he got 2 for RM 30. hehe.

As always, before Abduls heads back home to Melaka, he’ll drop by at my place. No, I don’t encourage him to put me before his mother, but it’s the more practical thing to do, since KL is on the way to Melaka from Penang.

After all, we spend like 4 hours with each other tops, if he’s on the way home. I would hardly call that a date especially if I haven’t seen him in eons but I’m not in the position to demand yet, am I. I’m just happy he dropped by :).

We buka together today. Along with Atit, Atan and Yanti. I was a tad bit quiet I think, but that’s only because we (my family) just watched The Other Boleyn Girl and somehow, it shocked me to see how twisted the English Royal Family really is.

It’s a bit sickening, to say the very least.

And then, when we got home, Abduls not only gave me the “sikat kutu”, he also gave me a little pouch to put my duit raya in. Matching sama baju raya. And he doesn't even know the exact green. Very pandai. :)

And we got excited about the sikat kutu, so I demonstrated how to use it.

He goes.... “Aaaah. Impressive”

And then, I salam him and promise to meet during raya. Our kampong is so damn near, we’re afraid we might be cousins. Yucks. Macam incest. But I don’t think so because we don’t have any relatives in Simpang Ampat. If I marry Abduls then we will start having relatives there :p

And then, I got a raya card from Hood. Haha. Terima kasih dearest!

And then, I showed off my pressies to my mom and sis.

And then, I bathe.

And then I see one missed call on my Digi. It's Abdul's maxis number.

I wonder why he didn't call my Maxis instead.

Thing is, he dialled.











And... The phone vibrates in Abduls pocket!

Yes, in all my excitement to show off my sikat kutu and how it works, I passed my handphone to him, which he conveniently stuffed into his jeans pocket and I forgot to claim it thinking that I put it in my handbag.

And now, some people will try to get through (I think) because some people want to meet up with me to collect their stuff.

And people can’t contact me.

I’ve already left one number here so I’m not sure if it’s wise to disclose my other number.

Digi is my dating phone, so I don’t like people to tut tut tut tut when I’m dating on the phone.


Excited lagi pasal sikat kutu.

Mauahahahha. Jika saya tak reply Selamat Hari Raya it's because I don't have my handphone. Jangan marah okay?

And I am so mengarut today, no?

Yes, that’s because I’m happy, yes :D


Hanim Hani said...

kakak, mende itu mmg panggil sikat kutu yeh? saye pon tak tahu. hehe. suke btol awak kat sikattu yer? ke awak suke sbb orgnyer? ngehngeh=)

freespirited12 said...

hhahah. itu namanya bukan sikat kutu, tapi if i told him another name, mungkin dia tak paham.

saya mmg suka sikat kutu tuu... tapi orang yang bagi pon saya suka juga ;p