September 14, 2008

The After

The food and company is one thing I was anticipating, but the “after-party” is something I looked forward to more. After all that time spent on the road getting to KLCC, wouldn’t have wanted to go back home immediately without staying some more to... well, to take more pictures, of course.

So, after prayers (the queue for wudhu’ was extremely long but Alhamdulillah, we managed to perform our prayers) we headed to the Park to breathe in some “fresh air” (which will never happen owing to the number of smokers there are now) and also to snap some more photos.

And us being us... well, we didn’t quite care that we were in our working clothes or that Pushie was super ayu in her baju kurung. We sat on the walkway okay. As in sat there like nobody’s business in the middle of the walkway where everyone was passing by in numbers.

As if that wasn’t enough, we had photog bergaya like Dekda yang posing sama terel dengan orang yang diambil gambar. Haha.

More of laughing at each other but loads of lovely photos taken, then, time for a drink. So Starbucks it was...

Didn’t order my regular Caramel Machiatto, which I came to regret later on since the Choco Cream Frap isn’t as yummy. But we were busy joking and catching up, asking the cepu emas question, siapa next?” which no one can answer (and please don't look at me) and I think that most of us agree that bab-bab kawen ni, our batch is a tad bit lembab.

We would just like to have fun first and enjoy our own money and time, right peeps?


This time, loads of nice photos were taken. Must thank the ever enthusiastic Hanim for her time and effort in organising this Iftar for us. And must also thank her for the lovely candid photos she managed to snap.

Hope to see you girls again, soon okay. We must, must keep in touch, always.


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Hanim said...

of coz we must keep in touch kakak! and i had soo much fun just talking to u guys=)and thanks again for coming all the way from putrajaya. appreciate it!! xoxo