September 24, 2008

ole-ole (Part II)

Sometimes, things which are not too good for us are those which attract us the most. Like high-rise condos are not good for people like me who dream of having BBQs every week in her own lawn. Or like pinching pimples; it’s no good because it leaves scars but we seem addicted to it because it really gives us some kind of satisfaction.

Or… like online shopping...? much for not wanting to buy anything, I bought 2 pieces already.

One from Azureen (but that’s because I’m so in love with checkers (and green!) for some unfathomable reason) and one from Danielle just because I’ve been craving for something like that just to prove myself wrong. I seem to think that I don’t look really nice in them though what I bought is super pretty. Let’s just give this a try okay.

If I really don’t look nice in it, I’ll stick to t-shirt and jeans after this :)

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