September 10, 2008


There was a time when we talked all the time. Now, we don’t talk at all during the day. And we’re too busy to bother bothering each other much or to make a fuss about being incommunicado.

But at nights, after prayers and ‘alone-time’, we sing to each other to our hearts’ content. It’s funny because I’m especially shy about solo concerts in public. It’s just that with him, I can sing because suara dia pon tak berapa nak sedap :P (tapi best sikit dari saya)

You’ll never guess what’s on our singing platter. From uber patriotic songs to hip hop to Malay classics to rock kapak. syiok okay.

And it amazes me how we can go from singing ourselves silly like a pair of tipsy teens to talking about the social contract. Yeah, I know, we’re random aren’t we.

And from social contract we go to, “awak tinge saya panas”. “oh, okay bye”.

takpayah terasa-terasa okay.

Best lah. cepat sikit balik KL please.

boleh gi double date sama mama and bapak.( lunch on them, as usual :p )

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