September 14, 2008


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
I can’t wait for 4.30 p.m. It’s been a while since we all met up. Well, it’s been some time since I met up with them, actually. KLCC is a tad bit far from Putrajaya, but well, anything that promises a night with fun-loving people is worth going for, right?

Observations from my travelling in a public transport (since it has been a while since my last trip during rush hour):

  • Trains are not as scarce, but people still don’t know how to queue in line (for Komuter)
  • Some people have learnt how to queue while waiting for the LRT to arrive, which is a good thing. Except for one makcik who cannot sabar to balik rumah and buka puasa, who cut the queue sesuka hati dia.
  • Malaysians have conscience. Even though it was after a long, hard maut stare I gave her, she did finally give her seat up for a pregnant lady. Nasib tak berapa nak lampi. If she remained sitting, I would have told her off, no joke.
  • The machines are still as crazy as ever despite the improvements, so throngs of people still do have to queue to get their tickets. Haih...
Despite all that, I did manage to arrive in KLCC in time. In fact, I got there the earliest. Haha. Most of them were stuck in crazy KL-Friday jam, as expected.

Went to Madam Kwan’s and met up with Farah J and Hanim first. Then, the rest started joining us. Although there were only 8 of us, I can tell you for sure that our table was the noisiest and the most happening. I’m sure the rest of the restaurant was assuming that there was a celebrity sitting there with us because... well, because the cameras didn’t stop flashing although we were in the midst of eating our food ( Dayah la, esp. Peace :P ). But all in all, I had a great time catching up.

Dekda, whom I have not met since earlier this semester, is looking lovely and of course the rest were also stunningly grown up... oh, how far we’ve come.

The food was of course superb, as usual. Had my Nasi Lemak and finished it like I wouldn’t see rice ever again. Tak baik membazir (padahal memang kuat makan pun).

Talked, laughed, took pictures, talked some more, laughed some more and talked some more until my throat hurt.

And then, we thought it was time to leave the restaurant because throngs of people were queuing outside waiting to get in.

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yayahafiza said...

y does i couldn't make it on that day....
nk join gak...
next time kte wat gathering lg,ye