September 05, 2008

bad week healed.

jaja and dean, we missed you last night!

Last night was splendid. Though we were really disappointed that Jaja and Dean couldn't join us. The food was FANTASTIC I tell you. The array of food was enough to make us salivate before buka and of course when the time for buka came, we naturally became pigs (only metaphorically, of course. Can you imagine us snorting :)) ) . I tasted EVERYTHING. Apart from the bubur and soups selection, which I'm beginning to regret tremendously. Gila greedy okay. But I managed to finish most of the things I picked up yesterday and had a tremendous heart-to-heart session with the girls, just to get their point of view on some things that were bothering me.

It's been a while since I last saw the girls. Nadira excluded since her office is just one floor below mine. Hahaha. (but even that, we don't meet up that often) Last night was just a great antidote to a bad few weeks.

Oh, my bad days healed. Terima kasih darlings sekalian.

I hope in times to come when we're all somebodies, somewhere (InsyaAllah), we'll remain friends okay. I cannot imagine my life without MIKLOOCIP stories. Muahahaha.


Iezu said...

which one is supposed to be me? the giraffe (it is a giraffe kan?) or the bear?

i'll let jaja be the giraffe since she's tall and i'll be the bear since i'm cute..! hehe. perasan tul daku ini...

btw, sape lagi join the buka puasa?

freespirited12 said...

yeap, it's a giraffe. at first i thought it was a lion. but even if it were one, jaja is way more garang than you are. :P

no comment on the "cute" part. :))

batul, nanad, adlin mami and myself were there.

byk lawak2 sengal.

should have been there you know.
nanti if dapat vouchers kita pegi ramai2 lagi ok.