September 19, 2008

my superheroes


Today I was missing alot of things. Despite having quite alot to do at work as compared to the past few days, I still had time to miss them nonetheless. September 16th saw me breaking down. Mamita came to my rescue. She became the crying shoulder (over the phone) even though she was dead tired, busy and was just about to eat her dinner. Today, I found out that the girls (Adlin and Mamita) came close to rescuing me... literally. But they didn’t because they weren’t sure that I was allowed to be rescued.

But today, they came and brought me out for supper. Super best la okays. They never bore me. Stories are never ending, mikloocip is always part of the plot and we are so competitive that we are jealous of each others’ jobs, yet we still make time to share what we’re learning at work.

I have splendid friends, don’t I?

So, although I went a bit off tangent and out of control this week, some people make me feel good that some things have not changed at all.

I heart you guys loads. Tak tipu :)

2 out of 5 best friends pon jadi lah, kan kan?
thanks you and you for a great night :)
( shot by Mamita who's now doing a great job at camwhoring :P )

and just so you know, i miss these people too. where are you guys, ha? i really miss being SP garang. i know, so gila kuasa but i know you guys don't mind :p. kalau tak, siapa lagi nak kejar suruh siapkan kerja kan kan?


Iezu said...

fine...don't miss me...ok...whatever... =P hehe

nnn said...

neesa,what happened to our friday rendezvous??haha.lepas raya,im so goin to go get that waffles dkt alamanda.teringin gile dah.

freespirited12 said...

mengada tendang karang :P

nanad! friday rendezvous is no good for our wallets during puasa okaaay. lagi teruk dari belanja makan because we have nothing better to do but shop! (referring to last week, of course. dah la takyah cari parking. heaven!)

but after raya we are so gona go out every friday. muahah. balas dendam kat waffles :P