September 05, 2008


boleh tak kembang hidung lagiii :P
yang atas tu saya miss macam gile okay.

You see, I'm not one who takes people for granted. Not when I don't have to. The post "kosong" is about someone extremely close to me who is suffocating me and taking the life out of me though I know for a fact that she doesn't intend to do so. So since it's quite sensitive to mention her, I refrained.

Okay, back to the original post. Something I intended on writing and posting before Photoshop suddenly told me that I cannot open. Kata amik kat Memang la takle bukak agaknya. Now I don't feel like posting about it anymore.

It's so easy to misunderstand me, even when I don't try. It's easy to make me feel guilty like shit (Allah forgive me) because I hate making people feel bad about whatever I do. So although I don't try to please people all the time, I try not to hurt them all the same.

Guess this time I hurt someone by omission and it is not something I did intentionally.

And I know this public apology is something you may not want nor need. But I am sorry. And I know what this looks like, but I am sorry.

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