September 24, 2008


19th to the 24th. Amazing isn’t it that this blogger tegar has managed to not write anything in the past few days. Nothing to tell? Far from it. Too much to tell? Maybe. Don’t want to tell? Yes, I think most probably.

After last night, I realized that too many things have riled me up to the point that I can no longer keep my head straight. A lot of my energy has been spent on thinking about what I don’t have and what I want to do, instead of what I already have and what I’ve already done.

It makes so much difference looking at the glass half full instead of half empty, isn’t it?
It’s getting there that’s painful, but I’m okay.
I’m on a JP marathon. JP stands for Jodi Picoult. She’s a splendid, creative and very, very humane author. She does a lot of research on terminal illnesses, disparities and similarities between Christian groups, and mostly she talks a lot of the Jewish religion. My guess is that she’s one herself, but that really doesn’t bother me. And the best part is, she’s so human that you’d relate to her almost instantaneously.

So far, I’ve read 3 of he books and I’m ¾ way through my 4th. The first was My Sister’s Keeper, followed by Change of Heart, then by Nineteen Minutes, and now, I’m stuck on Keeping Faith. So far, she’s never failed me. Her books are such page turners that you’d burn the midnight oil (literally
macam study untuk exam) just so you get to the bottom of the story.

My Sister’s Keeper was very heartwarming. It talked about how a 13 year old craved medical emancipation from her parents because she felt like the only reason she were born was so that her sister who was diagnosed with leukemia could be saved. The ending… shhhh.. no, don’t worry, I won’t tell. But it’s bloody damn unpredictable you’d cry.

Change of Heart was a bit… spooky.. I guess that’s because it talked so much about miracles happening to and occurring in ordinary peoples’ lives. And the explanations on capital punishment are so vivid there are times you can feel the hairs on your neck stand. The ending… as always… is extremely unpredictable. I suggest Dean read this one since he doesn’t really like happy endings (do you still not like them?) and since this one has a twist to it, it makes it all the more better. :)

Nineteen Minutes is by far one which I can totally relate to. For those who don’t already know, my brother was bullied when he was a first former. So bad it was that he had bruises all over him. So bad it was that my mother couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t even hide that she was crying even when she was wearing sunglasses, and even when she tried to look happy. And so bad it was that the boys who were part of the scheme were expelled.
Padan muka. This book is extremely humane, extremely real, with extreme suspense. If I start writing about it, I might not stop, and that would spoil the surprise if you hadn’t read it already. Ending… let’s just call JP unpredictable. Rasa macam jantung gugur kejap.

And I can say something about Keeping Faith, but I won’t yet. But so far, it has kept me up long hours at night regardless of how tired I am. Let’s just say we’re in for a ride and maybe another surprise at the end of the story. Another page turner indeed!

So, that’s it from me for now. I didn’t intend on turning this into a book review corner, but I’m random like that.

Somebody take me out on more nights, please? Somehow, going out during the night perks me up more than I know it.

This weekend we’re in for a big, long ride towards raya. You’ll see why soon enough. :)
More updates soon if I'm not so malas :p


shap3@r said...

don't forget JP's The Pact and The Tenth Circle!! best! she's amazingly unpredictable kan. my fav is My Sister's Keeper. baca 3 kali. menangis 3 kali jugak. memang sedih nak mampus. terkejut okay the ending, hehe.

have you read Time Traveler's Wife? must read tau!!! it's soooooo beautiful. :)

freespirited12 said...

yeap, i know there's The Pact and also Tenth Circle! waiting on the shelves to be read.

tak sabar nak habis Keeping Faith okay..

yang Time Traveler's Wife tu, i don't think i have it yet, so i am sooo gona go search for it soon!

best kan kan kan JP ni. sangat sangat sangat :)

Anonymous said...

hahah i know pear would comment on this as much as i would. yess kakak, JP is the best kan?

and yess, you must not miss The Pact. best giler!!


freespirited12 said...

i'm surprised you even know i have a blog! :)

but thanks for dropping by okays.
and her books are really, really good. i'm so excited that alot of us feel the same way about her books.

amazingly unpredictable! like pear said. :)

now i'm gona read The Pact since i've finished Keeping Faith :)