December 15, 2011


So, yes. We decided that for now, it’d be best for us to stay put at where we are currently staying. I know, I know, I said we were looking for property, right? But putting money in such a huge investment isn’t that easy. It’s a HUGE commitment, making us become unreasonably fussy about so many things, not that it can be helped. It’s not as easy as buying a dress from a shop or making a split second decision on where to eat.

Like I said, it’s HUGE. And it involved loads of tears (on my part) and loads of stress (on us both). Having first-hand information about property from my mother who happens to be a Valuer by profession is both good and bad. Good info and too much info came all at once, making it all become much too confusing to bear.

So, there. I’ve said it. We’ve put our house search on hold. Perhaps a little to our detriment, but the best decision... for now.

Now that we’ve decided to stay, I have no choice but to make our place... home. Not that I never thought of it as home before. Remember how taken I was by the place, even when it didn’t have anything at all in it? I still am taken by the place, really. I just wished I could make it home and call it mine.

Enough of being melancholy unnecessarily. Now, I’ve got to scout for ideas to welcome the little one on board. The place has got to be as cosy and as child-friendly as it possibly can!

It’s a good thing our place gets A LOT and I mean a lot of natural light and air circulation is aplenty!

I think I’ll start with the living room, the best place for our own little ulat gonggok to roam around when s/he is big enough ;)

After this, if you never hear the last of my living hall/house decoration ideas, please bear with me ;)

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